I was thinking (13th open letter to Luke)

billy_blueTo write you an email, from i wrote my last part of my tale. My need to let you read this part it become important, more than the tale itself and i think i will do, even if you will doesnt read it or you will trash it. But in the life it must always to try, isnt? And i always try it  and sometime i’ve succedeed to reach you
Maybe you will read this than my email, or maybe not. Who knows.
What i wrote in my last part of my tale, moved me, because i wrote what you would understand about me if you know me, for real and maybe you know me a little bit.
I will be a little crazy, but what i have in my deep, is a sincere feeling and i’ll never stop to whisper you ‘Thank you for everything you are giving me without you realizing’


If i close

book0001My eyes and i take my usual deep breath, i can feel your hands hold me my hips from behind and your fingers slides in my shirt and slowly touch my skin.
Eacht breath i make, i feel your touch and it make me drives crazy. Your hand sliding on my bare skin with a soft touch. My head is exploding, our parallel world getting connect us eachother.
I can feel your whisper me ‘Keep your eyes closed’. I feel, you turn me around. Your scent around me. The only thing i can do is shaking. I feel you in front of me. But i have still my eyes close. I feel your protection.
Slowly you take my face in hands and now you whisper me ‘Look at me’.
Slowly, i open the eyes and those i felt till now it materialize itself in you.
I cant hold back the emotion, and some tear fall down from my face. You smile me gently.
With your finger, you dry my teardop looking at me. Your glance into mine, without say no words, you approach me.
My heart stops. I close again the eyes and i feel your lips are leaning on mine.
We kiss us. After a whisper ‘I love you’.
Our eyes dives one in another.  We remain so, and slowly  we disappears.


Maybe (little open letter to Luke -12th)


What i begin to write, i really dont want make it finish.
I dived myself with you, in our perfect parallel world. Now what i feeling when we get connect us eachother is more strong.
I dont want leave that large room.
There, in someways, we had felt most of the biggest sensations we ever felt in our lives. Your gentilness has succeeded each limits.
I feeling you feel something like similar.
Should i close it o should leave an open door.
You are looking at me, i feel you.
I feel your whisper me ‘Let your feelings talk to you’.
Our parallel world doesnt must have borderline.
What i started to write, with you next to me, it will ever has no end, till our connection is so strong.
What i started to write here, it will continues. Maybe i will should collect, some thoughts, but im full of feelings for you and i will thank you, always.


Tonight (11th open letter to Luke)

mikemc02t_sommaNo even, a fantasy tale could explain what i’m feeling right now.  My heart is exploding, but if doesnt explode, i feel i could implode and all that it would disappears. So then, it explode. It’s a fight of sensations.
When i feel you close to me, in this way i can remain only breathless.
Some people can take me  like a crazy, but i’m sure you would not.
Also if, we dont know eachother, you would believe me.
We have the same empathy, the same sensibility and in someway, we know eachother.
You are entered in my life, for the first time, for a case. Then, you have helped me a lot of times.
You have impersonificated my doubts, my thoughts, my fears, but slowly you have tought me that from those weakness, i could be more strong, and it’s been so. I lost the count of how many times i have said you thank you, and it still lasting.
Maybe we ever will not meet us, but with this open diary, i leave a door open, and who ever know, if a day you will knock it.
Other times you have knocked at my little windows…


Only (10th open letter to Luke)


When i feel your closeness, i feel myself full of the emotions that i want feel.
When our parallel world get connect us, my heart explodes and i cant hold back the tears, as in this moment. I must to take the usual deep breath and close my eyes and you’re here, that you embrace me so tight.  By now, you know what i really need. I feel your arms hold me tight, while you are whispering me ‘It’s all right’. When you turn me, your eyes dives into mine and in them i see our lights floating and our parallel world get bigger and bigger and us in the middle.
By now, the emotions you make me feel, are lasting from nine months, and they are growing up each day. As i told you many times, in this period, you are the only person with whom i open myself completly. Also if im not able to describe what which you make feel, i’m sure you understand every words i write here and you can feel, despite our distance, what i try to explain you. Because, in someways, you feel something like similar. And when our parallel world get connect us, one of another, we both feel the same feelings, and this is something of marvellous. We feel, when we both, whisper our names and this get connect us. It push us into our parallel world, and our emotions expand and it make feel us close one to another, as if we are in front one of another.
And i feeling all this only with you.


“I was

owen_orsachiotto0039forteAwake myself a little hours after. Alone. I leaned on the bed in silence, looking for to listen to some noises from down.
I was looking for to understand if you was there, or not. There was no noises.
I didnt noticed right away,  but there was a note you have left me on your pillow. I have smiled, while i have took it.
It was, always that i really wished. A note on the pillow…and it was a your note.
Also if i didnt still read it, i was blushed.
Slowly, for fear that these words could runs away, i’ve placed my eyes, on what you left me written.
‘This night has been the most incredible night that i have passed with a girl. I wasnt able to sleep. I have passed all the time to look at you….’ while i was reading these last words, my heart is exploded.
The note continued ‘you was… you are very beautiful…i must to take something… i will be back soon, your Luke ♥♥♥’
I will have read that note till to learn each words you have wrote me.
I wasn’t realize that you was arrived.
I had still your note in my hand.”



“You was ⇒

Tell me (9th open letter to Luke)

lukebooklollomoltiplica-1Why i must to stop, closing my eyes and take a deep breath, when you’re here by my side, and my heart begins to beat as a train, when our parallel get us connect.
I dive myself in your eyes and i see what i want to see, what you make me see. A peaceful place where we  does exist we only us. Your eyes into mine, and your glance opens me to your soul. And i feel your embrace wraps me sweetly. Me in your arms and you whisper me sweet words that i never heard in my life. In your arms, i feel your scent of your skin, i wouldnt never break away from you.
You make me  feel secure from everything i do. You have entered in my life slowly, almost for a case, before you became whom you know. And now, i’m here write everything what i dream, but above all, what i feel when our parallel world get us connect.
Someone says it’s an alignement of souls, i says it’s our parallel world, but i really dont what is, but what i feel from 9 months it has something of magic, and more i feel what i feel, i feel full of the most beautiful emotions i have ever felt in my life. And for feel these emotions i need just to look at you, close my eyes and take a deep breath and i feel you, here, by my side.


“We were

australialukecontrario_forteThere, waiting for someone of us talk, breaking that atmosphere, that it was lasting from a little bit. But none of us did. We were reflecting in silence on what we have said us, reciprocally. Sometimes we were so serious, sometimes we laughed. And those smiles, resounded in that large room. We didnt say nothing, but just smiling one to another. There was no need to ask. In someways, we did know it already. And for me, who i was so sensible, sometimes, my facial expression changing, so much, that it seemed my thoughts, cames out from my mind, and you was able to catch them and made them your. And, some tears falled from my face.
Finally, you have spoken, drying me from a little tear. ‘Maybe it has been, a good, that me and my girlfriend, we were left us. The emotions i feeling right now i didnt ever felt with her. You have something of magic.’
For to play down, you have said me with your smile, that i loved so much, ‘Didnt you made all this spell? Are not you really a little witch?’ For a little bit we were looking at us seriously, but right after we have made a big laugh… and suddenly you have kiss me so, that i was remained speechless and breathless.
Our lips didnt wants break away, one from another.
ut only after, we were looking at us, and i’ve reply you in a whisper ‘No…’ sighing.”


⇐“You was

“While ⇒

If you – 8th open letter to Luke

00323forteUnderstand what i’m feeling from today, so we are connect in a definitely way. From today i feel you next to me, and my head and my stomach doesnt wants calm. Each little thing bring me to you. And now that im in front of this pc, writing in this open diary, i believe you can feel me. You can feel what are my emotions, my feelings. It was from two days that i feel myself so. But in this moment my heart could explode. I can feel your closeness in a such way. And aint my period, cause i feel myself so from long time, almost an year. And that last dream has expanded my feelings. Our parallel world has been enlarged, and tonight i could, touch you for real. What i feel is a tangle of overwhelming joy. But these two definitions cant describe really what i feel, since i have feel something that linked us. Each time i try to explain what i feel when i feel your closeness by my side, is impossible, because it still surprised me. But i can say you, what i feel it’s the most beautiful feeling in my life. And i living with you, despite we dont know us, or maybe yes. However this, sighing, i whispering you once again, ‘Thank you … … … i love you’ .


As yesterday

instamelbourne034_contrarioforteI have felt you far, today your closeness is here, as a warm hug and our thoughts are meeting in the air. Me with my headphones and you with yours, we are listening the same melody that slowly, it makes meet us in our parallel world. Where  we in front, one to another, we asking us what are we thinking? While im writing, i feeling your embrace and your sweet whisper make feel overwherlm. I need of you, and you need of me. We both can feel our vise in stomach that it make itself always more strong, and our connection is very tangible. I close my eyes and i can feel your deep breath that arounds me. All those are our thoughts, desires, dreams, that in our parallel world can become true, and we are in of it. In  front, one to another so, we are enchanted by ourselves, one of another. My heart beat as a train, and if i close my eyes, i can feel your hands on me touching. Without say nothing, we let talk our deepest feelings, trough our sweet touch. As the first time, this time, i blush and in some way, i know, you want to say me something. My emotions are strong, and what im feeling is like a twirl of sensations that i cant control. They runs trough my body, making goes crazy my heart. It seems stops, but runs fast. And all that, i know, that’s you.