“We looked at us

lukeread02catturascuriOne another and we have looked back only once again and unconciously we have take our hands we have holded them tight.
We took deep breathe and we were go on.
From here we had to follow our emotions and they would have conduct us where we should go.
Our hearts was beating very hard.
We were about to enter in an unknown place of our parallel world and we felt ourselves as lost.
This place presented itself not like the big green landscape that we were been used to see around us.  On the contrary, it was desolate landscape. The main color was brown, as a burnt landscape. Trees were burn and the montains peaks were like if they were burnt them also.
We were walking trought this landscape, with hands in hands, and we were been stroke by an infinite sadness, but we had know to go forward and we would have know who we had to meet.
We looked at around us and we had tought all this desolation was due to the Nothing, while we still walked.
That landscape was the exact contrary of the our peaceful world. We could notice that some rocks were simply little vulcanos that snorted hot air.
‘Where are we?’ i asked  -‘Why the Markùts took us here?’ I knew  it was useless question, but soon we would been in front of the answer.
And it was so.
We have still walked a little bit. We stopped ourselves in front of a kind a wall, but it wasnt a wall. We looked up and  we were at the foot of a montain.
Was it there that we had to go?
In at anytime, our hearts could explode.
We were there, in front of that mountain waiting something.
Now, more than ever your hand, your arm, your glance, were the only things that could assure me. I was still with you, also in that place.
Sincerely we didnt like at all. It reminded us much the Nothing. The atmosphere was stifling us.
We were looking at around. We didnt still say nothing.
We could hear only a buzz. We had felt it during all that strange walk.
We were about to turn ourselves for return back, when from the inside of the mountain we have heard a great noise. The mountain was opening itself.”


⇐“We were looking

“We were ⇒

“We were looking

luke000044fondigranaAt us one in another and around us seemed everything could explode in at any time.
Everything seemed suspended. The air. Our hearts, our words. It was like our movements were slowed. You was touching my face and i felt the sweetness of your hand reaching my skin.
It seemed was everything ok, but something it was about to happen.
Your eyes were piercing me from their beauty, and i believe also my eyes were doing the same. We didnt have moves ourselves for a lot of time.
But outside of our appartament we were listening to some sweet recalls.
Slowly were awakening ourselves from this suspended atmosphere, but we didnt take our eyes off fom one another. For taking again to breathe, we have took our hands we had start to make little breathes, then a last deep breathe. Our eyes were always stare one in another.
Then we had take a look at the window of the bedroom and we had seen the little one of the Morgur that with his shrill voice called us, and the two Markùts looking at us.
‘It seems they have something of very important to say us’ you said.
 was putting  on something more comfortable, but it was always suitable for the place we were.
We went downstairs and we came out. The Markùts didnt have say nothing, but we understood that we had to follow them.
In our hearts we had know that everytime the Markùts wanted show us something, it was always much important.
But this time it wasnt something that they wanted show us, but someone.
With the Markùts by our side, we had across the Fenkuz’s bush, where he still was sleeping, the Morgur village, where we had see the big one who was looking for the little one meanwhile directed the leaner one, and we had also across the Opal, but this time we didnt entered in of it.
The Markùts knew another walkway to across the Opal.
It seemed a second walkway that skirted the Opal.
It was tight, and enough long. It seemed that it didnt take it to anywhere, instead it had to take somewhere.
The Markùts didnt have say nothing and we wanted respect their will, also if we were making us many questions. One on all ‘Where are they taking us to?’
After the long walk trought this tight way another great valley it opened itself in front of us.
There the Markùts stopped themselves and with their sweet faces, they left make us understand that from now we had to go on only us and we would have understand where to go.”


⇐“Our minds

“We looked at us ⇒


“Our minds

Were be connecting one in another and we could feel every little thought that ran in our head.
We were still thinking about what the Markùts and Fenkuz had said us, and our hearts were going crazy.
luke02cattura02forteYou turned yourself toward me and you came toward me and we were looked at us one in another, you have caressed my face you have whisper ‘I know, we have a great responsability towards our parallel world, we will do anything for protect it. If it was necessary, we will fight another Nothing. We will be ready for anything we will face up.’ I was looked at you so sweetly and your words got calm me.
After eat and after put the dishes in the sink, you came in front of me.
We looked us one in another, while i was feeling your hands hold my hips and slowly you have took me in your arms. Without say nothing you have take me in bedroom and you have lay me on the bed. Sweetly you’ve done the same.
Unconciously i embraced you and we fallen asleep
The sun was born while slowly we have opened the eyes.
Our awaken was always the same. Eyes in the eyes, a little smile, a caress on our face, mine sweet till reach your neo and you who kiss the palm of my hand, but this time you pushed yourself more foward.
Gently you’ve put yourself above me and our glances met one in another and sweetly you have started to kiss me. Without any effort, i left you do it and i kissed you me too.
We only kissed us and nothing else, ocasionally you lifted your face only for look at me and caressing my face. You dived your eyes in mine and i dived mine in your. We sighed.
I caressed your face even me.
Each of us wanted say something, but we were overwhelm by what we were feeling that just only two words were came out.
‘My love…’.”


⇐“After the

“We were looking ⇒

“After the

lukeread02catturasovrappostoConfirmation of what which that the Markùts had said us, and after every furry animals were go away, we remained still on the little stair to admire the peaceful panorama that arounded us.
We knew that our parallel world was a place that  we had created with all our feelings, emotions and sensations, but we still hadnt realise that we had to take care everything of inside of it. Till now we didnt had think about it.
I got up and slowly and i’ve stretched my hand toward yours. You’ve take it and sweetly we walked till arrive the little river close our appartment.
We were a little tired.
The dusk was arriving. The sun was falling behind a wood.
We remained for see the last clove of the sun disappear in the dark.
Our silhouettes reflected in the river, the moon high in the sky illuminated the landscape and we were alone.
From far we could see a little light. It was the Morgur village and we could hear the shrill voice of the little one that didnt wanted go to rest, and the big one repeated to him to go to rest and he did said him ‘Tomorrow we still must work’
Instead, we had see Fenkuz go into his bush stretching his little paws one by one.
While the Markùts were always there.  At a safe distance, but always close to us and our appartament.
By now this was our universe and till now we didnt have realise that.
We were wrapped by what which we feeling and we didnt have thought to all that.
We embraced tight, and slowly we went into our appartment that magically was illuminated.
During that little walk we heard a voice. It seemed came from Our Parallel World.
‘You continue to love eachother in your own way. In this way, everything this, can strenghtning itself.’
We were about to enter in the appartment, but you stopped yourself and you putted in front of me. ‘How can i love you more than i’m doing it now.?’ I looked at you and sweetly i’ve caressed your face. You kissed me then we shyly smiled and we entered in.
We were a little hungry. We went in the kitchen. Gently, as a knight, you have let me make sit down on the bench in front of the table. We looked at us one another for a second in silence, then you have started to cook.”



“Our minds ⇒


After that sweet kiss, we looked at us one another deeply, while our furry friends were still there. They were looking at us without say nothing. They seemed almost embarassed, but they had to stay, above all the Markùts. They had to understand if we had completly understand what which we were became.
lukecattura02forteThen you have looked at them and sweetly you have said ‘Since our first meeting, i’ve understand that she would been my life. The words of my grandma resounded in my head, till i didnt come forward. In you i’ve found the real magic that i’ve always looking for’. I was hearing these words, as if it was the very first time.
We didnt have never express those feelings in words. We didnt have need. But now it was.
You was talking to, looking at me, but i knew you was talking to the Markùts. They had to know if we had understand the importance of everything we had created, even unconciously, also even there was  nothing of unconcious since our first meeting in that bar.
‘As i’ve seen her eyes i knew she had something of magic’.
Listening to your words made me open my heart and everything arounded us was becoming always more a dream place more than as it wasnt already.
The Markùts were in front of us and now they knew.
Our heart beated at unison, and we didnt take our eyes off one from another.
Slowly we had understand that everything in our parallel world was unique, and we had to defend it in any cost. And here Fenkuz spoken ‘You were been separated in our past lives, but your love survived trought the centuries and now you’re creating this one. You’re unique, and we are here for help you in any case.’ Then slowly the little furry animals were go away.
We looked at us one in another.
All those words still resounded in the air. Those of the Markùts and those of Fenkuz. But the words that resounded in my head were yours, while you looked at me without add anything else. You did know what which i was feeling, and my heart was about to explode, while i’ve took your hand and i’ve put it on my chest and our glances melted one in another.”



⇐“You was about

“After the ⇒

“You was about

To make the question but one of the Markùts began to speak in their strange language, but everybody, includes us, were able to understand.
luke0052forte‘Since you have met her, in the universe a force was unleashed itself and slowly everything this was created. This world was born from your big love you had one for another. Slowly your parallel world has taken something from your energies and it growed up. The very first time that you came into of it, there were been an enxchange. You didnt noticed that…’
We have listened to the Markùt almost incredulous, but by now, there were nothing that we could believe wasnt false.
And yes, we rembemered well the first time we had took a glimpse to that world that soon it would became our parallel world. That strange journey across the white pathway.
The Markùt given us a moment for reflect and for rembember everything this.
Unconciously we taken our hands one in a another, and at the same time we had sighed, then we had looked the Markùt and he had continued to talk.
‘In that lake close the waterfall, you given your vitality energy to the world. You’re this world. In everything and for everything.’ I was looking at the Markùts speechless, and slowly i was reaching to the main point of the Markàt speech. You was leafing the notebook of your grandma, looking for something more concrete, but this time you was about to give yourself up to the unavoidable.
The Markùt did know that was he saying us it could seem the most incredible thing, but it was so.
You have took a deep breathe, while i was looking at you. I took your hand in mine and in a whisper i said ‘He has right… Did you rembember the very first time day we had slept here, what has happened, ?’  In a tremble you replied ‘When we were felt ourselves tired, slowly the dusk has fallen’.
I shyly smiled you. Sweetly, the Markùts has concluded ‘Your are our Sun and our Moon’
You and i looked at us one in another and i took your face in my hands.
Sweetly i whispered you ‘We complete eachother’.
You dived yourself in my eyes and you have whisper ‘You are my WORLD’, i have caressed your face and my finger reached your neo. Slowly you approached yourself to me and kindly you have kissed me, and this time, didnt care if we had a furry audience in front, you would kissed me anyway. You did it”



⇐“You returned

“Slowly ⇒

“You returned

lukecattura10scuriTo me, leafing the notebook of your grandma, looking for something.
‘Luke, what are you lookin for?’ i’ve asked, while you settled yourself next to me.
In truth, even you didnt know what look for. But the note book of your grandma was been always precious source of information, since you was became magical.
You was reading aloud, but always in your deep voice, some phrases that you had underlined, and eachtime you reading i was enchanted by your voice.
Slowly the sound of your sweet calm and deep voice, had attracted all our little furry friends. From the Markùts to the Morgurs and the little one was in first line, and with great 
joy we had seen arrive from a bush a sleepily Fenkuz. He was still recover from all the time that he was been inside in the Nothing. But it seemed that your voice had something of really magic, and every little creatures had to listen to.
We remained speechless for a little bit, while all six little furry animals had put themselves  around us for listen to what you was reading. I holded your hip, while i’ve inclined my head over your shoulder, while you was still reading.
Now you was reading what your grandma had wrote about our ‘meeting’.
‘You will recognise her. You will recognise the magic in her and she will be who will donate you the real magic…’
While you was reading that phrase i couldnt hold back some little tears. My heart had a thud. When you have finished to read the phrase, you have lay the notebook your knees and you have looked at me first, then the furry audience and ‘When i met her in that bar, i never figured that it would be happened what it happened… My grandma told me it always «when you’ll meet the right person you will know it. She will be those who will give you something that you dont expect» and i met my little princess’. Our glances met one another, and despite we had that audience in front of us, for a long moment, it seemed that everything around us was disappeared.
We dived ourselves in our eyes.
After this of this real intmite moment, with a clearing of voice, you have shaked this emberassement situation, taking my hand in your, looking at all our furry friends.
‘I woud like ask you something that we still dont have understood’.
All the eyes of the little animals turned toward the Markùts. So also we did the same.
The Markùts, already did know the question.”


⇐“We looked at

“You was about ⇒


“We looked at

luke021catturaforteSweetly one another. You  have caressed me the face and me i’ve inclinated it and i’ve smiled you.
Since the fight against The Nothing, and since when the Morgur had moved our appartement in Our Parallel World, we hadnt the possibility to visit the place that arounded it.
We wanted see it, for know it better.
With calm we went downstairs. You as always took me in your arms, and this gesture was became a sweet habit, and i believe you liked it as much as i do
In Our Parallel World, we had to learn still to distinguish the day and the night.
We were still a little overwhelm for what which arounded us, but we loved it.
After had a little breakfast, we had open the grey door wih the new strange key that the Morgurs given us. It was a key made of wood little doodles with a little bright stone on the top. We hadnt noticed it before. It was really beautiful.
You have inserted it in the keyhole and slowly you opened the door.
We remained breathless for what which we have seen.
We settled ourselves on the little stair of our appartement, one close another and slowly we admired everything was around us.
It was big green landscape. The first thing we had noticed was been our appartment, was no more that red and brownish building it was once, but now the walls were of wood. We had realized that the whole appartment was been put inside a big tree and the shadow of the leafs was a natural canopy. You was surprised and you have said ‘How they have done it?’
My heart was beating hard. Me, as  you, i was breathless.
We have continued to l
ook at around and we had see at our right, a little bridge and under it a little river.
It seemed that our appartment was the bordeline and the end of our parallel world. Behind the big tree there were other trees, a wood. But inside of it we couldnt see anything, if not a dense forest. We had seen just darkness. But we had to only look at ahead and not look at back.
We holded tight our hands, while we were still exploring everything around us.
Everything this, for us, was still a magic world that we had to know better.
Softly you have left my hand, and you got up. You have said only ‘I be back soon’.
We hadnt closed the door, so i was been able to see where you went in a hurry.
You returned with the notebook of your grandma.”



⇐“We were

“You returned ⇒


“We were

Looking at us one in another. Your sweet movements it was filling our souls of something always more indescribable. Our minds were connect one with another and, we had know that we were seeing the same thing.
lukecatturafondigranaIn someways, been in the opal arounded by our own emotions, it has gave us the power to projecting us in the same dimension and feel the exact same emotions.
Now, we had know. All those emotions that we were feeling in that moments, slowly, and in a certain way, were transfering themselves in the opal. And also the sweet orgasm that we were reaching, after being explode in us, would be moved in that precious place.
We exploded at the same time. Our fingers were crossed one in another, and our eyes were one in another.
We remained breatheless, while the contractions still pulsed still inside of us.
We were inside in a suspended atmosphere, and also a little whisper would have broken it.
For a little moment we have holded back the breathe, till also our heart beat returned normal.
Always more make love was a marvellous experience.
We had wait for the last pulsation had faded, for talk….for whisper.
‘You, a witch, me a normal human who has became magical… and we are everything this’.
You have said this, as if  you still didnt wanted believe it.
I was looking at you giving you a shy smile.
Our eyes met. I’ve caressed your sweet face. Your mind was full of words. I understood what were your feelings, cause they were also mine.
A wonderful world we hadnt never seen, and we were creating only us with our feelings, emotions in what which we believed in.
You was about to talk again, but i’ve put my finger on your soft lips and i approached me to you and softly we kissed again.”


⇐“You was

“We looked at ⇒

“You was

lukecattura07sovrappostoKissing me sweetly. Our souls melted one in another and what whch we were feeling around us was like that feeling when we were in the opal.
We were about for drive crazy.
Suddenly you got up and you have took me in your arms and we went upstairs. In the little walk you did for reach the bedroom, my light white dress seemed a soft cloud that around us. In that little walk, you didnt take off me your eye and everything becoming always more magic.
You have leaned me sofltly on the bed.
You was looking at me while i was about to take off my white dress, but you stopped me.
‘Dont do it’, you whispered.
Your hands started to caress me from the legs till reach on my belly. Your game was been so delicate and so sexy.
Your hands were caressing the white dress, while slowly, were reaching my belly. Your hand were on the dress, but i could feel them on my skin. The rustle and that soft sensation on my body and on your hands, made us feel always more feel in love one of another. Slowly you’re arrived in front of me.
We smiled us one another.
You kissed me as you always did. With your all sweet passion you had.
I was at the mercy of you. I left you did everything, and there wasnt anything that i didnt like.
Slowly, you looked at me. Our glances were dive one in another. We could feel only our soft fast breathe. Around us there was no, even the bedroom. No walls, no appartement, but it was only our convinction
Slowly your hand slided the thin shoulder strap over my arm, and sweetly you have touched my breast. In that moment i’ve close the eyes and i arched foward. You have kissed it many times. I was realizing that with the other hand, gently, you were getting up the white dress till my hips, while our eyes didnt take off one another.
I’ve took your face in my hands. Softly you have kissed me while i could feel, that you slowly penetrating me.”


⇐“On that sofa

“We were ⇒