As soon i have recognized Billy then Bob, i have got up and i have directed toward them, let them enter making them sit, and looking at Cyclope i have asked him something to drink, and question how they were, i have examing their big body serching for new scar or wounds, but fortunately there were those that i already know.

I wanted know everything, but above all Bob have told everybody the most banal and stupid excuse that he had told to the werewolf to being send just there.
“I have proposed ourselves to check the striptease, then try to find Red Leaf. The guy is still too young to comprehend the meaning of double game, and as much excited he was about his plan he have immediately said yes, and here we are”.

We have looked at him astonished, and in a low tone of voice, almost scared, i have ask: “Which plan?”
For a moment nobody have spoken. We were looking at each other, searching for to enter in that ill mind, but nobody have could not imagine what he had reserved. 
At end we have stared at Billy and Bob, and it have been Billy to speak.

“In that their headquartier we have noticed technical equipment to spread their ideas to reach many creatures in lesser time possible, and i, us, think that they can use it very soon, and this could being a fast way to convince those creatures, that didn’t have still met them…”
Billy had left his speech in suspension, but he knew very well that we had understand where he was going to end.

We have remained speechless, and that silence seemed more glacial than it wanted being. 
Each of us were looking at straight in to the eyes the others, without formulate any thought, and in that spectral silence, everybody knew how could being danger a doubtful minds if the interlocutor was  a good speaker. 
Billy and Bob had seen with their own eyes how many creatures he had covinced just speaking. 
And n that silence, you and me have could hear every thoughts in our friends’ mind, and in that precise moment, we have could hear a voice out of the chorus that have made everybody jolted. 

Shyly, Red Leaf have came outside from the brownish drapery next to the Cyclope counter, and looking at one by one, have said: “I don’t want that all my friends risk their own lives just to protect me. If i really i have to do, i will enjoy his cause, so you will be free!”
Michelle have stared at him  breathless, and ended she have came closer to him with her green wide eyes open. 
“You don’t haven’t to say so, you will not emulate yourself for his cause. If you wasn’t you, it was another creature, but unfortnately you come from a family very important, and your name would be a great thing for those werewolves, but i forbid you to think to leave this striptease club.”

There were a minute of silence, and everybody have noticed that sparkle in Michelle’eyes while she have spoke to Red Leaf. It was pure love, and we have sweetly smiled, while you have tightened my hand.
“Nobody will emulate itself for no cause. Let’s hear what they have to say. In which way. Let’s try to reach a deal, but above all, let’s see how many creatures they convice.”
You had say those words looking at straight into the Bob’ eyes looking for to understand if your words had blow the target.

In meanwhile Shifty had another plan. Quickest than your: to call immediately Jim and made it end in the fastest way, but that thought have kept it  for himself.
Call Jim it was already in our plans, but call the police was the latest thing to do in a negotiation of this kind.

They were a small group without a real leader and they were following the first werewolf in sucession line, but that he had not thought really what do, and he had targeted Red Leaf, just not because he was important in his clan, but maybe because the new leader, wanted know how to lead a new branch of his species, and maybe after learn everything, kill him, and that’s we didn’t wanted, and certainly Red Leaf had to remain next Michelle.”


Listen to it🔉⤵



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