When Shifty knocked to your apartment’s door, he have made it nervously, and as much he had hurry, he had totally forget that he had always a couple of your keys, and only when you have go downstair ready to open the door, from the other side,  you have listened to Shifty that was cursing his head, and when you was about to open the door, the door it was opened 
Shifty seemd didn’t have noticed you, when he entered looking at himself around. 

He seemed he was checking each corner of the open space. He have fear that someone could being entered inside, but when finally his tiny eyes, have met your, he have said: “They came to the striptease and the leader have threatened Michelle. She have wanted challenge him, telling a lie. The leader wanted know  where was ended Red Leaf, and everybody  know that from when Michelle and Red Leaf have met have born something special”.

Shifty was walking nervously around the apartment, and only when he have met  your glance, he have stoppped, and as if you was surprised about that news, Shifty have said worry: “It have to do something and in hurry, if the leader come to know that she have hid him, here happen a real mess”.

Upstairs, i was still asleeping, but hearing an unsual buzzing i have opened the eyes, and when i have stopped to the landing i have made turn everybody, asking what was happened, and without tell me everything, you have resumed in two words: “We have to act”, and while you have collect your things, Shifty have told me everything from the begin, and my first question it have been directed to our men.
“No, i don’t have see them, «but everybody» have came out from that hole. I immediately followed the leader and when i seen that was going to the striptease, i have run. I have entered just in time to warn Cyclope, then i have hid myself below the counter. I don’t know about the other creatures. When i have had the possibility, i have run to you”.
“You have done the right thing. I hope to see them to the striptease. I’m sure Bob have invented something valid, to being send himself there.”
Shifty have shrugged, and when you have been ready, we have left the apartment.

We had  to go to the striptease to check that everybody were ok, above all my Michelle, that yes, she was one of the great creature in the city, but not one of the bravest, on the contrary between the two, it was me, and from what Shifty had tell me, i have could not believe that she had challenged the werewolf.
I have could imagine her sat  at table all trembling and Cyclope who was looking for to get calm her.
And above all i wanted know where was Red Leaf and if  my men  were there.

Exit from the monster of concrete, we have take your car, and even if  Shifty was a bit rilutant to get inside, we have promised him that it would not get hurt, and with a doubtful glance, he got inside of it, and faster than Shifty, we have reached the striptease, and without wait that you  had open  my cardoor, i have exit from the car, and i have run inside the striptease, where i  have found the scene that i had imagined: Cyclope who was encouraging Michelle. 

Cyclope haven’t see me enter, but when the little wooden door have let me enter, the scared glance of Michelle have lifted, and only when she have recognized me she have got up on her foots, and she have stretched her poweful paws toward me, and i have came closer toward her, thanking so much Cyclope to have tried to calm her, and when he got up leaving me his place, he have saluted you and have thanked Shift you have take us immediately there.

Me i was chatting with Michelle, and only when she have ended, i have softly asked: “Where is Red Leaf?” and she have looked at herself around, and only when she have realized that nobody else was listen to her, she have have closer to me, and in  few words have made me understand that he was in that magical bedroom in which you and me had spent some of our most beautiful moments of our lives, and she have added  that she would not have permit nobody to enter in.  And so i have assured myself that he was fine, but now i was so worry for Billy and Bob. 

Even Michelle didn’t know where they could being, but only when she have ended to say that, the wooden door have opened, and in backlight an undefined mass entered. 
We had not understand who was, till that mass have divided itself, and from that uniform mass have came out those great beasts that immediately we everybody have recognized in Billy and Bob.”


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