It’s from

Yesterday that i’m feeling your closeness surround my being. 
Our electric shocks were strong. I have thought that something was about to happen, but instead were only our way to communicate.
When i have hear the electric shiocks crossing my mind, i have could feel your arms around my belly, and our connection making itself always stronger. 

In these days i’m thinking to you more than ever. Maybe it’s because your bithday is coming closer… or maybe it’s because our closeness is materializing each day is pass, or only because Our Parallel is manifesting to you, and you are realizing everything.
I’m thinking  you, my heart is beating like a crazy jackhammer, and only when i see the clock i see that double number, what i can do is shaking the head, and thinking that it happens even to you. 

I throw away the air from the lungs, and everything around me is become soft, and i can perceive your embrace around my belly, and i can hear your sweet breath that is wrapping my being. 
I feel your presence inside my soul, and i shaking. Our electric shocks making themselves more intense, and looking at you in this picture, i can only wishing your real closeness.

My fingers are shaking on this keyboard. I feel you so close, that i have to clolse eyes for a moment.
I would to know that you feel the same i’m feeling in these moment, but in my deep i know, you do, and sweetly i smile, looking at your blue eyes.


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