After those great emotions, after those with which we had sealed what each of us feeling each other, we have throw away the air from the lungs and with a soft sigh, you have proposed to go bed to rest ourselves.
Between a thing and the other, we had not closed eye, and after this latest one, our forces were just at limits.

You have done the latest effort, taking me between your arms and we have go upstairs.
Like the delicatest flower, you have leaned me on bed, and right after you have came closer next to me. 
From when we arrived in bedroom, we have not speak, but with the glance we  were saying everything. 
Now we had not need of all those the tricks i had teached you. Now what we had need were only our glances, our whispers and above all, our touches. We wanted asleep in the sweetest way possible. We wanted enter in that world that we had created in previous minutes, sweeping away everything bad our lives had reserved us.

Coming closer to me, you have welcome in your arms, and i have sweetly smiled, i have caressed you faced reaching your tiny mole, and then you have kissed my palm, sighing: “I know, it will be not possible, but let’s try to close the eyes.” and saying this, you have tightened me more to you, and through the mind, i have made you see the most great emotion of that evening, and looking at me, you have sighed my name.   
I fell asleep whispering your.

Hearing me sleeping, you have soft smiled, but for you that night it have been a warn night. 
I had totally forget about Shifty and what we had asked him to do, but you don’t.
Shifty would be to got back in that alley and looking for uncover something more.
But who have exit  from that wolf lair, have been just that group of werewolves, in search of Red Leaf, who have made not see him around for a couple of days, and now the leader of the group it was getting angry. 

The leader had gave Read Leaf  some days to make a decision , if unite himself his group, and Red Leaf, after met Michelle, had met in her someone of which trust, but Red Leaf had made wrong his counts. He would wanted hope that him would forget him, and he would targeted someone else, but Red Leaf was so important, to being forget. 
And so, when Shifty have looked that great movement outside that dark alley, he have run faster than he could to the striptease. 

He have entered wihout breath, and when he warned Cyclope, Cyclope have immediately warn RedNeck saying: “Trouble ahead” He had as soon hanged the phone the wooden door have opened, and that skinny werewolf have entered, asking if someone had seen the woody creature called RedLeaf. 
“It have been seen entered here from one my trusted man, two days ago, and he never have left it”
Going to the counter, he have started to look at Cyclope who was cleaning his counter, and when their eyes have met each other, the werewolf  have underlined his question with a threatening: “Mmm??”, but Cyclope have not replied despite the fear he had. 

He was alone in that anteroom with some clients at table muted even them by the dread. 
The only who wanted say his own, was Shifty, but it wasn’t the right moment. He was hid himself behind the counter, looking for a way to escape and run to us, but all the eyes of the presents were set on Cyclope and despite his greatness, also the minum moving of the air it would have been noticed. 
“I have called the owner” had said Cyclope trembling looking at for a second the werewolf in those tiny eyes.
“Well… give me something to drink. I want see if this club is good as many say”

He had not ended the phrase that Michelle and her majest body have exit from behind the brownish drapery, and finally Shifty have take the opportunity of her entrance to  exit without make himself see.
In that case, the entrance of Michelle have scared the few clients, and it have scared even Cyclope that knew her very well.

“Certain that it like they say. I want the best for my clients, and that’s what i offer them, and you what do you want?”
She knew very well what and who that werewolf little more a teenager wanted.
She have shamelessly lie saying that creatures like him weren’t welcomed in that kind of club, and maybe «his man» had wrong and if he didn’t wanted believe her, he could control himself the local.
And saying this, she have looked at Cyclope, as if he knew what she was saying. 
He didn’t, however he nodded, but however he knew that she had put RedLeaf in safe, and she have made him understand that he have towould put himself ahead the brownish drapery next to the counter, if that creature had decided to check. 

But luckily the young, seen the situation, have preferred gone away, but he have warned everybody and came closer to Michelle, he have sighed: “If you have lie, you will be the first to pay the consequences.”
And going away he have looked at the anteroom and Cyclope, saying him that what he had dring did like it. 

While the wooden door have closed itself, Cyclope have thrown a glance toward Michelle who was blanching with fear, and looking at those few clients who had seen the whole scene, she have whispered one name, hoping that he had reached the monster of concrete.”


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