What i have

Started to feel it have been our soft punch in the stomach growing inside, and slowly your sweet embrace around my belly. 
I’m biting my lips. 

Even if i don’t you are not here, in tjhis solitary room, i can perceive your presence, and what i have wrote last night, i know it’s mirroring part of what you have wrote  in that sentence.
I can feel your arms around belly. 
You are behind me, and you are tightening me strong against your chest. 

Our hearts are beating like two crazy jackhammer, and our minds are always more connected each other, and despite you don’t know me, you knw that there is something that is bonding us always more.
You can feel something inside you that is revolutionizing your being. 

I’m sure that you have the same lump that is get confusing. 
What i wrote last night have arrived directly to your heart, and now many emotions are knocking to your mind. 
I have still your phrase in my mind, and you have not need of my reply. 
You know., your love is priceless. 
It’s making beat the heart more than it can.

I need you more than you can imagine. 
Delicately, you have entered in my life, and you have make me see it with your sensitive. 
I have remained speechless, and slowly has born Our Parallel World.



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