I had understand many other things about you in those minutes, and wheni relived that moment in which i was on the floor. on my mind i have could see your face while you was taking the knife from Cyclope and  just when i see again your glance when you thrust the knife, i have could see your great hate toward that creature, but i have could seen even your repressed anger toward that female creature and just when i relived that brutal moment, i have understand that now, you have would do anything for me, even the most extreme gesture, and when our glances have met, your name have came out without efforts, and when your hands have tightened mine, i have understand really that that word you have repeated in a low tone of voice, it would have united us always more strong.

We both knew, it was a thing that you had never said nobody, not even to Shifty, and with those words, our bond would  been one of the strongest in absolute that you and me had have in our own life. 
In silence, and delicately i have take your hand, and before to place it on my chest, i have softly said: “I want make you feel something…”, and gently i made you hear my heart.
You have looked at me deeply, and with all delicateness, you have place my hand on your chest, and you have lifted your eyes toward mine, and throwing away the air from the lungs, you have repeated that word that have resounded in all open space.

And it would be with destiny that we would have defeat that small group of werewolves.
You could not figure that a small bunch of creatures could get scare an entire city with a claim so trivial.
In your eyes there was that still don’t fullfill revenge toward that female creature that you would have wanted see vanish under your glance.

I have looked at straight into your eyes and in a sigh, i have said: “There will be also that. I promise.”
With your sweet glance into mine, have take my hands,  and with the sofest tone of voice, you have said seriously: “If we leave us, promise you will look for another human being”. 
I have remain speechless, and i have waited that those stupid words were vanish, before to reply. 
“My love, it is not destiny that happens” and i have take your hand placing it once again on my heart, and i have came closer to you. 
Without add else, we have kissed sweetly. 

That bad thought came out from your mouth were the latest residual thought of that your relationship with that creature, and you was pulling out everything, and only after i have realized of that. 
You was still in that limbo between past and present, in which your thoughts were removing still those discards of life full of  insecurities, but more your glance was into mine, that veil little by little vanishing, when on my face it was printed a shy smile, your eyes became brighter, and when you have down your glance to stare my hands, you have sighed: “Only  now i’m feeling really free. I didn’t never have believed that i would have been capable to set free from that heavy weight, and it’s only thank to you. Do you want stay all life with me?”

Only when you have said that latest sentence, you have lifted your glance, and  you have pronnounced that phrase, almost having fear of my reply
For a long instant we both haven’t breathing, and inside me a twirl of emotions was fighting. Each of them wanted out first. I have looked at you with wide eyes open, and i knew that if i let not have came out those tears in throat, i would chocked, and slowly my eyes got wet. 

“Nobody had made me a proposal like this” i have said trembling. I have looked at you straight into your eyes and softly i have nodded.
It seemed you had not understand. You have remained without say nothing at least for a couple of seconds, but then, that sparkle in your glance have made me breathe, and even in your eyes have came out two big tears, and only looking at that great emotion that was enveloping us from inside, we have comprehended that everything we had passed: your story, my promise, our destiny, were made by something more deeper than we could imagine.”






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