I’m looking

At you, and i can feel your closeness around here in this solitary room.  
I can hear your sweet whispers that are calling me. 
I perceive your sweet  arms around my belly, and your sweet smile that in someway is looking at me. 

Maybe throught the words i have write and i have sent you. 
Maybe you are reading once again, some chapter of my novel or my Grey Tale. I would like think of it, and that soft punch that i’m feeling is our connection that slowly is surrounding us, and that light sensation is Our Parallel World that is say us despite we are so far each other, there is  that invisible thread is uniting us each day are pass. 

I can perceive our sweet electric shocks that are cross our minds, and your arms are tightening me more to you. 
Unconditionally i leave ajar my mouth, because i know you will kiss me when less i expect, but  i know you will do it. 

My fingers are shaking on this keyboard. 
I delicately smiling, because i perceive you would turn and see me. 
I close the eyes and i feel your closeness making itself stronger each minutes is pass, and i have to throw away the air from the air to calm me, but you know it’s just for a seconds, then everything it’s starting again.

I’m feel you are feeling the same thing and everything begin from the stomach. 
Our hearts are beating like two crazy jackhammer. We would want control it, but it’s impossible. 
Everything is turning fast, and goes slow.
We thinking one other very strong, and we feel it.
 We feel us.


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