I have looked at you deeply and i didn’t have costricted you to talk. I have knew wait when you would was been ready. 
I held your hands in mine, and when your glance have looked at straight into mine, you have sweetly smiled, from your mouth have came out something that it have overwhelmed me. 

You have told me about a creature known in a county next mine. “I would have do for her anything. I was so fascinated by her like nobody else. She was the most fascinating creature i have ever seen. I have met her on street when it have her fall something from her paws. When our eyes met, something it have made click, but it was what i wanted believe. 
Some creatures have ability that they are so clever to hid. She have used me for a long time, and some friends of mine have warned me. I was blinding by her that i didn’t have wanted hear them, but their warn have been a small bell, and day by day, i have noticed that what they had say me, it was revealing true. 
She was chaining me to her, making me do everything she wanted. Even things that i never, have would do in my life. Certain, at first i didn’t wanted believed it, but when one of my friend have taken me, and he have made me see what i was about to do, i have opened the eyes, and i have swear myself that i never more i would have fallen in love with a creature, and  at the first occasion i have take the car, and i have escaped from her.”

Looking at you straight into your eyes i have understand that it was better don’t ask what you was about to do. I have comprehend that for her love, you have would crossed mountains, seas, but maybe kill someone else not.
“When the car have stopped, i wanted run away far from miles and miles far from her and that world in which she was about to me enveloping. A world made of darkness, and things that i would had difficulty to understand. It was a toxic love, in which i was looking only her beauty, and i didn’t see nothing else, not even her ill mind.”

While you was talking, i was looking at only your hands in mine, but when you have stopped, slowly i have lifted the glance, and when our eyes have met, i have perceived that all pain you have suffered, have gone from when you have entered in that striptease and by chance, me and Cyclope have started talk with you. 
You have met the only human being , in the middle creatures of any kind, and when our glances have met, you have thought that it was destiny, and after all that time in which you have been fascinated by that female creature, to see a human being like you, it have made you see the things how they were.

For several minutes we have not speak, not even using the mind. I wanted respect that moment of riflection, but i knew perfectly what was running in your head, but even me i had need to emptying my mind.
Came next to me, you have wanted embraced me delicately. You have wanted me feel how strong was beating your heart. Slowly i have lifted the face toward you, and the word “Destiny”, have came out from your mouth once again.

I wanted stared at you for a long minute straight into your blue eyes, slowly i wanted unfastend your shirt, and delicately, make slide my hand inside. 
Your heart was beating still strong, and only when you have said: “Nobody had made me beat the heart in this way… it’s from when you have talked  to me, the first time, that it is beating like this. Since when i met you, i have understand that creature it polluting me from inside. You are cleasing me, and when i saw you in your apartment unable to act, all my hate toward those creatures has grown besides each limits.”

Just in those seconds later, i had understand that killing that werewolf, you was killing part of your past life, and seeing him die, you had even killed that part of yourself that you didn’t wanted see no longer, and you turning page. Now, you wanted only see forward, deleting that part of your life, searching for to remove that period that till that moment, it have been a heavy weight to carry.”


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