How much of

Your lived life i have found in that phrase, and how much i know you more than i i have expected. 
It’s from last night that is hammering my head, and i i’m thinking to that chapter of my novel, in which you are telling me part of your life, and reading that lines of your book, i mirroring myself just when you have told me your part of your life.

I have remained breathless, and shit everything match. I shake the head as much what i have imagined, and wrote in my novel, is matching with that small phrase. I can ornly perceive with how much pain you have wrote those lines, but i know that there were bee also a sense of freedom, as soon  you have seen them black on white. 

I thinking when i wrote that chapter, and in someways i knew already what have happened to you, and last night i have the confirmation. I have to throw away the air from the lungs. 
I know you better than i could expect.
Our Parallel World is uniting us more than we can figure.

Now i can feel your closeness. I can feel your embrace around my belly, and our soft punch in the stomach is growing delicately. 
In my ear is resounding your words: “I’m very emotive when i writing” and i can understand you more your sensitive.
I’m looking at you in this picture, and a storm of emotions are overwhelming me. 

I would like hold your hands in mine, and looking at straight into those blue eyes, and say you: “I’m here for you, everything you want say, i will be here to listenig to it”
Close the eyes and see Our Parallel World. 
It’s here to protect us. 
I whispering your name, and i’m sure that you have perceived it.


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