Leaving the stripteas ewe had forgot to warn Red Leaf, but turning a last time toward our friends we have noticed that the woody creature have appared just behind the brownish drapery and with a quick glance , he have saluted us, and from that strange and thin smile, we had understand that he from the last time, he have remained all time with Michelle. 

Looking at him so, we have stared at each other, and happy we have beckon him, knowing that Michelle have would say him everythiìng on Billy and Bob and what they had discovered.
Now we had only to wait to have news, and the only thing that we have could do is go back yo your aparment, and try to settle my stuff in the better way possible and try to rest our minds, above all mine from those bad thoughts that till that moment had search to make me see the great mess in which i had put those big good-natured creatures. 

For a last time we have saluted everybody and closing the wooden door, our hands have looked for each other, and when your have took mine, my glance turned toward you and you have kindly smiled me.
And when we have reached your car, like a gentleman, you have opened me the cardoor assuring yourself that i was comfy, and smiling you have trotted toward the driver side, staring at me. 
When you have got inside, turning on the engine, you have looked at me and then you have asked me: “Are you ready?”
I didn’t have reply, but i gave you one of the most brightest smile, and i have soft touched your hand on gear stick, and i have stared for a long instant my hand on your, realizing that even you was looking at the same. 

For a quick instants our hearts seemed two crazy jackhammer. And only when your hand have delicately changed the gear, i had still my hand on your, and with a soft tone of voice you have said: “Let’s go!”, and leaving my hand, i have bite my lips. 
In those minutes, everything was running fast in our minds and everything what we had heard and imagined it was merging one in another, and when you have had to stop the car in front to a traffic light, you have turned the glance toward me and without wait that our glances met, you have touched my leg, and i have throw away the air from the lungs. 
With that gesture, you knew that i got relaxing, and when my eyes have turned, you have looked at me smiling. 

And only when you have restart the engine, after few, i have recognized that concrete monster, and on my face it have printed a smile of satisfaction. That concrete monster had in his belly, maybe the most beautiful apartment in which i ever have been.
There in that apartment, finally i could relax myself, and thinking who i was with, and entering in your mind. 
Know a bit more about you, only seeing those few objects that you had put around the open space.

Parked the car at the usual point of the sidewalk, you have said: “Wait” and have exit from the car, you have run to open  my door, only after took my bag, and taking my hand, you have me out.
Taking my hand, you have conducted me inside, and hoping to see some shadows, we have reached the elevator, and when we have reached the floor, i have smiled you, and a soft shiver have crossed along my back.

You was looking at me, while you was opening the door, and in my deep entering in the apartment, i knew something it would have happened.
It were happened everything so quick that i never asked you the real reason you had decided to take the car to wander the county. So when you have closed the door, your sweet smile have made me understand that your wish to externate what you had inside, it had to being done in the next minutes.

You have accompanied me to that sofa, and taking me off the raincoat, you have came in the kitchen and you have took two glasses of mineral water, and when you got back, you have sat next to me, slowly you have stared me straight into the eyes, caressing me the face. 
I wasn’t worry, on the contrary i knew what you wanted talk about, and with a soft nod, i have take your hand in mine, and delicately you have brought me inside your world. 

With your blue eyes you have let me enter in that world of which ì still didn’t know nothing.
With the sofest smile i have made you understand that you have could say me everything, and equally you have said: “Since when i place my eyes on you, i knew my research was ended.”
You have looked at me deeply, and together we have throw away the air from the lungs. 
But what you wanted say me it wasn’t only this. 
You took my hands in your, and only when you have sat on the small table in front, you have started to talk.”


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