Looking at Shifty and Cyclope, we were listening to the music from the local behind the brownish drapery, and in silence we have could imaging Michelle who was dancing making go crazy the audience. 
Me and Cyclope knew that she was about to end, and with a soft touch of your leg, i have made you understand that i would wanted waited for her to warned her of what we had uncovered 

You have nodded, and looking at Cyclope, you have said that we would waited the end of the show to salute Michelle, and you have ask to pour some of  some of one bottle that you had glimpsed in the shopwindow behind him.
Cyclope have poured the liquid in silence, knowing that those moment were the most tense, also if  we had told everything. He knew they were, even because he knew me well, and in those moment, my brain was like a locomotive, and even if i didn’t have sat to my usual table, he knew that glance that printing on my face.

Slowly, from bright one, it was becoming the most absent one,and only when i was meeting your, it could sees some sparkle, and that smile that one second earlier was the the most blinding, it have became one of the most serious.
The thought of Billy and Bob there, inside in that dusty poky room was hammering my head.
You knew what was running in my mind, and only when you have caressed my thight, i have lifted the glance, and our glance have met, i have tried smiled more. 

I knew that Billy and Bob had faced up to similar situations, but never under my responsability, and now that i had that thought in mind, i was a bit worry, and you could have see it through my eyes.
Everybody in that anteroom, were in silence, while the music was growing, announcing the great end of the show, and when the trumpets were playing the higher notes, the big salon was about to collapse between clappings, whistles and appreciation screaming, a small bright smile have illuminated my face, and when i have stared Cyclope, Cyclope haven’t waited my request, and he have turned himself, lifting that phone handset knowing that that one who would have replied  would have been RedNeck, and only after few seconds Cyclope have said that when Michelle would have been ready, Daria have would waited her in the anteroom. 

We didn’t know what RedNeck have replied, but when Cyclope have hanged the phone, he have looked at me, and with a soft nod, he have said: “She arrive in few minutes”. 
I have throw away the air from the lungs, and i have felt myself more relaxed.

Smiling you have looked at me, knowing that despite everybody there, had said that Billy and Bob were fine, i had need to hear the soft and sweet voice of my Michelle, and only in those instants, you had understand how much deep my bond with that grey and big creature. 
I knew, even if she have would say  some foolish, after i would have feel better. 

Only when she entered followed by RedNeck, you have stared at her very carefully, and only few instants, you have understand her importance in my life. 
In comparison, i was a tiny human being, while she was a chubby comfort zone, in which i could dive, and before have met you, she was the only i could say everything, and she had always a sweet word for any situation, and also in this one, it was enough that she have told me an anecdote to make feel better.

“You know, somedays some creatures arrive from other counties. That evening that group was enough impetuous, and seen how the things were going to, Cyclope have called them and they have arrive really soon. That group at the end of the show were totally drunk, and we know perfectly how is a behaviour of  who have drunk. Violent and dangerous… They  fought till they have make bleeding some of  those creatures, who have cameback in other occasions. Cyclope seen them, have immediately called Billy and Bob, and when that group have seen them, immediately they got calm, and the evening have passed with no problems. See, they have passed many troubles, and always they have made it. And i’m sure that they will be them to solve your case.”

And so saying, you have seen my transformation, and smiling to Cyclope gave me the confirmation of what Michelle had told me, moving your lips, you have thanked her. She have sweetly nodded looking at me.
I have throw away the air from the lungs, and all the tension that i had accumulated have gone, and when our glances have met once again, we have smiled each other.

With a soft: “Can we go to home” i have left you speechleess, and delicately i have taken your hand, not before to have embraced my Michelle, and she have assured me once again that they were fine, and you have saluted Cyclope. 
We have would seen us the next day.”


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