As soon passed

That magical double number and i’m feel your closeness around me. 
Delicately i can perceive your arms around my belly, and your breath is enveloping my being. 
I have  to close the eyes, to see you here in front of me, i  and throw away all the air from the lungs to calm my heart that is beating like a crazy. 

Maybe there is something that you want say me. Our elelctric shock are delicate, but they are around, and i can perceive that is you.
That smile is a bit diabolic, but i love it.

Maybe you are thinking to what i have wrote you few days ago, and everything is becoming clearest  for you. 
My heart is beating like a jackhammer. I can perceive your closeness but that something more, i know  that is something regarding us.
I smile with you, and i hope you may reveal me it very soon. 
 I look at you breathless in waiting, smiling.
Throwing away all the air from the lungs.


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