Finding a small exit from that dirty window, Shifty have found the way to go out from that lurid hole in which were all that group of werewolves, and literrally runing away he got back to the level of the street, and stopping himself just the belolw the same our streetlamp, he have took a look back, to being sure to not being followed.
He have throw away the air form his small lungs, and when he back to see straight in front of him, he have seen a normal city with his inhabitants unaware of what was happen.

Looking at himself around, he have whispered among himself and himself: “I have to do hurry” and like he knew does, he have started to move himself in the shadows, clashing himself with others creatures that not even had seen him, believing to have some allucinations seeing nobody around.
His lucky was also to don’t ever ask: “Sorry” as much fast he was. For the inhabitants was only their distraction, or for only some their own ghost who was chasing their mind. But in reality they had clash themselves with the most faster creature of the city.

When he have stopped, in one of the darkest zone of the zone, he have could see that the striptease was enough close, so he had decided to go slow, and hiding among those few creatures who , not even, they were seeing him.
And now it was him to being carfeful to being not mashed by those giants. 
Reaching the wooden door, it have been a run for life. 
That sidewalk was full of enormous beasts who were chatting each other, and they wasn’t looking at not even where they were going to.

When he have opened the door entering, he have said: “If you don’t run, there is risk you come mash! Damn!”
And cleaning himself for the dust, he have looked at the counter, and after have noticed big Cyclope, he have down the glance and his gaze have place on those two smaller being, who only after a seconds later, have focused them recognizing them as our persons, and only after reprised himself, he exclaimed: “Oh! You!”
And he have sat next us, ordering something refreshing. 

We have looked at him without say nothing. It was useless ask. What we wanted know, it would have came soon.
He was drinking what Cyclope had brought him, but we have could hear him and everything have made us smiling. He was still cursing all those creatures outside, and only in those seconds, i have understand perfectly his way to live: hiding himself  everywhere and above all from anyone. 

He was cursing yet that  big creature who was about to mash him in front of the striptease, when his look have placed  by chance on mine. And when he have understand that we everybody there, Cyclope included, was waiting for to hear what he had discovered, almost in embarass, he have put down the glass and he have looked at us, and he have started.

“In that hole, besides the group of werewolves there are others creatures who have joined their cause. They are others ten or fifteen, ready  follow that small group”, and he have taken again the glass to drink some sips, and when i have asked some information about Billy and Bob, Shifty have place down once again the glass, and on his small face have printed a smile.
“They are fine. They know how to take care of themselves. When the leader have let them enter, he have asked immediately to which gang they have belonged, and with my total surprise, Bob have put up a story to which also me, i would could  have believed, and all thanks to his shoulder’ tatoo. The leader have remained fascinated by it.
And now that they have presented themselves as member of the  Snake Chained, or something similar, we  can prepare ourselves on base what will say us, once exit from that headquarter.”

We have looked at each otherfor a second, but it was being born a suspect.  “And if they don’t let them out?” At this Shifty didn’t had thought, and he have looked at us a bit perplexed, and he have looked at Cyclope in search of someone who could say something positive, but alson in the Cyclope glance, he had meeting worry. 
The big beast with soft tone of voice have said: “We don’t know. How seemed you the others? I mean.. They seemed you that they had freedom to talk, or they had fear of the leader?”

We have remained speechless for Cyclope’s question: it have been the smartest question between those that we had done, and we have looked at him overwhelmed, and noldding him, we have waited for a reply that there have not been. 
So, we have looked at everybody present in that anteroom, with a serious glance, and after a coupla of seconds, it have been you to say something, looking at the clock above the shopwindow.
“We have to give Billy and Bob the time to understand how to move inside that group, comprehending the differents roles. If we don’t see them tomorrow at this time, we have to organoze ourselves. In meanwhile, you Shifty continue to check that alley. We will think on what to do, in case there were any movements. And you can knock my apartment any hours.” and ending, you have looked at me who i was nodding at each phrases you was saying. 
We had being ready to anything.”


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