While we were looking at each other in that anteroom of that striptease, thinking in which mess we had put Billy and Bob. Shifty was going down that few stairs in the absolute darkness, and he was discovering in which place they were ended. 
He stopped to the landing and he have took a glimpse to the whole enviroment that he was looking at for the very first time. 
It seemed a large desolated place, where those werewolves had taken it as their meeting point, and for  what Shifty was seeing, there were no only the werewolves, but also other creatures that had joined their cause easier than Red Leaf.

It was a local bad lit with a central lamp on that ceiling that was trying to illuminated also the smallest corners of  that local. 
Luckily, the place where Shifty have stop was the lesser with light, and he have could got relax, seeing all the movements of all the occupants of that large space. 
Below that big lamp there was a pool table that it was used as a big desk a some chairs were around of it, but only few creatures were sat, and Shifty didn’t have recognized nobody. Others creatures were wandering around that smoky place.

There was a grey blanket around that, already dark local, and only the rare patience of Shifty, it have helped him to recognized and list some of those creatures. He have been to count  till ten creatures who they weren’t the werewolves, and in the middle of the smoky cloud, he have recognized some silhouettes that he had meet in street. 
And only when the werewolves have ordered to let enter Billy and Bob, Shifty from the comfy position in which he was, he have got up, and he was ready to going down till the floor.

While everybody’s glance were pointed on them, who were been let enter from a secondary door just in front where was Shifty, Shifty was capable to hid just next a long box below a window from where it would be have to enter the street’s light, but the glass was so dirty that it was not enter not even a light of a matchstick.

Billy and Bob were brought at the centre next to the pool table, and they will have waited five minutes, before that one of the werewolves from a blind corner of the local have spoke. 
Despite in city the faces of Billy and Bob were well recognizable, like this dressed, nobody of the others creatures have recognized them, above all with the Bob’s tatoo well visible. 

Shifty was curious to see what would happened when the werewolf wod have came closer. The small blackish creature have elongated himself to hear well what that animal was about to say to Bob. 
When that werewolf have came out from the darkness, he have came closer, and he was so fascinated by that tatoo on Bob shoulder, that not even have looked at striaght in face, who he had in front. 
Shifty have would win everything if he had someone which bet with.

He was looking at that approachment of that werewolf who seemed being became the leader, to Bob, and Shifty was thinking how he was obtuse. Surely he had meet Bob many times to the light of the city, but now the only thing that  poor creature was seeing was that tatoo, and what it have came out from his mouth was the most stupid question he have could do, and listening to those words put in row, he have thought that he had done right to make Bob wear that no sleeves jacket.  And on that small creature face have being born a smile when he have listened to: “To which group you belong?”

Shifty have shaked his head as much stupid was the question, but now he was curioius to hear what Bob have would replied and he have prayed that Bob had a ready and valid answer. 
“We belong to the Chained Snake, and we are come in city, because we are interesting to know more about your cause. Our leaders have sent us here to see what was your situation, how many followers you had, and if you had need of help.”
“Well done Bob” had thought Shifty, and now that he knew that Bob had the situation undercontrol, the small creature, could leave that smoky local, and come to report us what he had seen and heard.”


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