As soon

I have seen it i have immediately understand that i had stop hope your visit in Italy, and i have preordered your signed copies. 
My heart is exploed, and my lump in the stomach have merged together to our soft punch. 
I would like cry, but i can’t. I can understand your priorities, and fullfill a small wish of a girl who loves you from the bottom of her heart, isn’t for you so important.

I throw away the air from  the lungs, looking at you in this picture, and despite all i can feel your arms  around my belly, and your whispers are calling my name.
I hold back the tears biting my lips. I can listen to your explaination inside my soul. 

What can i say you it’s that i will miss you in those days. Even if i have preordered your signed copies, yes i will be happy, but it will be not the same. I know, you know it, it knows above all Our  Parallel World. 
I’m throwing away all the air from the lungs, knowing, hoping that you can think it again, and at last yoiu can change your mind.

It was a chance to looking at straight into your blue eyes, and also ask if you did like what i have sent you. 
I close the eyes and i can perceive your closeness next to me. 
I have felt it, since when i have opened the eyes, and it continues still now. 
It were days that i didn’t i was feeling your closeness so strong. 
I can feel your arms tightening my waist more to you. 

I can’t swallow.
Feeling your closeness, i really hope you can change your mind. 
Closing the eyes i come closer to your chest, biting my lips.
I hope you can feel me, as i feel you in these instants.


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