Despite i wanted escape from that dark alley, a inner force was saying to remain. I have looked at you in silence, and with surprise, i have got back and i settled behind that iron door looking for to hear something.
You have sighed my name a couple of time, but it was like i no listening  to you, and so you have came next to me, serching for to understand if someone were observing, and don’t noticing nothing of suspect, you have came closer more and you have put yourself like a shield in protection of me.

The only thing you have could say, it have been: “Be careful”, and i knew what you wanted mean.
I have lean the ear on the cold door, and i have coud only hear just buzzing that was adding to other buzzing. 
I have remained in listening for a pair of minutes, looking for to perceive something, but it was impossible. 
The only thing that i have could do peek throught the keyhole, and what i have seen it have been a stairs that was going down beyond the level of the street, and when i have got up, i stared at you, making you understand that i didn’t had seen nothing.

Now it was you that wanted go away from that alley, and delicately you have taken my arm, and only when our eyes have met, you have softly said: “Lets go!”
I have made a bit of resistence, but then i conviced myself that it was follow your advice, and without attract attention, we went away, and we go back in Main Street. 

It was like we had run miles, but they were just few meters from the first streetlamp where we have stop. 
We have looked at each other, as we had done a craziness, and maybe it was. 
You have looked at me straight into the eyes, and without say nothing, you have said: “These thing let us do, to creatures who know how to behave properly. We are too «normal» to risk. Let’s go to the striptease. We have to relax”. And so without added else, i have taken your hand, and looking at the concrete of the street, slowly we have walked between other creatures unaware on what we were thinking. 

Before enter, we have looked at each other holding back the breathe. I have waited your nod to open the door, and entering, we knew that we have would have met only Cyclope, and it have been so. 
Cyclope when it have seen us, it have been surprised, but happy because at least he would not have spent alone, the time Michelle’show, in that anteroom.
We didn’t have sit at our table, this time we had prefered to sit to the counter, try to don’t think where we had sent Billy and Bob. 

We have stared Cyclope, as of he was a ghost, and for a moment the big beast have looked at us a bit worry and in a sigh, he have called our names. Only when we have looked at him straight into his eye, we have tempted a sort of reply smiling, but only on our faces it printed a disgusting grimace. He have asked if we were ok. 
Mumbling, we have explain him what Billy Bob where went, and even if i knew them well i was a bit worry for them, and maybe it was better that i would have not asked them to meddle themselves. But by now, they were immersed till to the neck, and when i woke from that bad nightmare, i have stared Cyclope.

I have explained him that big chaos that he had heard, were them who was asking where they could find the werewolves. Cyclope have nodded, because he had heard something, but he have could not see outside the door, because the show was about to start, and everybody inside the club had to be careful that at the exit of Michelle on stage, weren’t problems.
But when i have ended to speak, he have smiled me with his grimace, and with simple words, he have said:
“They have faced up to many difficultes here, and some creatures when they are drunk are very dangerous. Some Bob’ scars come from some fights happened outside the striptease. They will know how take car of themselves, don’t worry, and how you have described them, they are very scaring. I repeat they knows how defend themselves.”

Slowly i have conviced that Cyclope had right, and delicatly on my face have printed a shy smile. 
Looking Cyclope, you have smiled, and he have nodded, going back to stared at me.”



Listen to it🔉⤵



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