I know

That from last night you are considering to come. 
Our connection is becoming stronger that ever, our electric shocks are crossing our minds, and our soft punch in the stomach is uniting us  always more. 

I know you are thinking to do this, but you really don’t know if it’s convenient, i know i feeling you with many thoughts. 
I can feel your hands around my belly. I’m biting my lips. 
You know how much i would want meet you, and i know there is a small wish toward you to see me. 

I don’t constrict you, but i know, and you know too, we both know. 
Maybe it’s a bit of fear to meet us and after long time, know that Our Parallel World really exist. 
Also me i have a bit fear, but we can defeat our inner fear.
Take this decision and open the door to Our Parallel World.
I’m throw away all the air from the lungs, waiting for you.



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