While we were stdying on how to organize our new agency, a sudden thought have came in our mind, and we have thought to Billy and Bob and where Shifty had rought them. I have looked at you for a bit, but you knew perfectly where he went, and you have smiled.

Questioning your faces, i wanted prentend , but at end i have could not resist, and i have stopped to describe the particulars of that sketch you had perfectly drawn.
And slowly you have described the building in front on that land of no one, but as you have could image, i didn’t have remember it, but as you said: “I can swear he have brought them in the right place, and describing me, how they wanted being paid, i had understand how much Shifty smart was.

“I’m sure that if we will meet them, we will have difficulties to recognize them”, and you have smiled me continuing to draw those particulars that i had describing you.
While you perfectioning that latest details,  i have took the notes that i had write while i was listening to Red Leaf, and i have started to reading them once again, when from outside a big din have shaked that part of the city. 

We have looked at each other and we went to the window still open, and we have seen a group of creatures who moved away, to the passages of never seen big beast who asking where they have could meet the werewolves, and scared, the other inhabitants have indicated them a sinister place of the city
Everybody knew that place, but only few and the most brave, were going to.

In that buzz we had not recognized «our men», and only when Shifty have appeared next to us inside the apartment, asking us: “So?”, we have looked at each other mumbling something that it looked like: “Are really them?”
Shifty haven’t reply and have looked at straight outside the window.
We could not figured a total changing, of those two creatures known always, elegantly dressed, now with only a no sleeeves leather jacket a cap with visor, and black snatched pants, all ornaded with several chains attached to the shoulders of the jacket. But they were for sure Billy and Bob, and above all Bob with his scar face .if i didn’ have knew him, as one of the most good creature i have ever met, i have would got scare, and even me.

That scene have lasted several minutes. Minutes in which i was formulating a crazy idea, and when i have met your glance,  already you knew that nobody have would could stop me, and looking at straight into my eyes, you have  hold back the breathe, because you knew that it would be useless tempt to convice me to back.
You have had no time to turn, that already i had my raincoat and my little bag on, and i was staring at you, next to the door, and looking at Shifty who have shrugged smiling. 

You have looked at me and holding back the breath, slowy, you have came closer to me, and caressing the face you have said: “Let’s go but we remain at safe distance!” and so saying you have looked at Shifty who have nodded widly, because he knew well in which dangers we have could fall. And so looking both, i have beckon, and together with Shifty we have left the office. 

In the street, in the middle of that large group of creatures, we were looking at Blly and Bob going toward a part of the city never seen before, and very slow, we have followed them. 
We have arrived to the begin of a dark and bad lit alley, and when we have looked our friends entering inside a iron door, we have looked at each other, and staring for a second Shifty, we have made him understand to enter and see in which situation they were ended. 

Before that the slow door closing itself, Shifty have run inside, and only when the door have closed, with a big din, i have jolted, and looking at you i have immediately thought: “What hell we are doing here!”
And in next seconds later it have started a series of oaths of mine, about my determination where, but above all what, we have would could hear and consequently find. But that situation i didn’t like at all. 
I have made you understand it, and with all calm that you was capable to transmit me, you have me said to take breath and very slow to begin to walk to get back from where we have came from.

For me, it was enough to exit from that narrow alley, and taking air. 
For what few i had listened to, i had understand, that that small group of werewolves had great plans, and that they had scared me. I have looked at you, with only a question in mind. In silence you have replied: “Let’s listen what Billy and Bob will say us”. For a moment i have looked at you with wide eyes open, with an unique thought in mind, but then you have tranquilized me, and slowly that trembling that had pervaded me have vanished.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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