We had laughed, but we knew , above all you, that Shifty have would fufillhis task to the perfection and he have would brought Billy and Bob in a shop, where nobody have would speak, and he have would brought them in a part of the city in which nobody would have ever go.

And in fact it have been so. After take their small car, Shifty have indicated them a street outside the county, and he have conducted them in that zone called by the large part of the inhabitants “Land of No One”. 
In that zone there was only few buildings, among them your. Shifty have made parked their car on the sidewalk of  which the small and blackish creature knew each holes and crack.

The shop, if it have could consider it a shop, was just in front of the building in which there was your apartment.
When the two big creatures have exit from that car, Shifty before to talk, have looked at them astonished, as much big they were, he didn’t was capable to understand how they could enter inside in that car that seemed have came out from a cartoon. Surprised, he have looked at them and have reccomend them to take off their black  suit, and turn up their sleeves, and maybe it was better let enter first Bob with his big scar on face. His look would have not got suspicious who was at the counter, then it would enter Shifty who would have made way to don’t have make himself notice and then only at end would be enter Billy. 

Shifty have reccomended himself saying: “Don’t speak first, let the shopkeeper do it first and i will let you know what you will have say in a proper way, and Billy looking at yourself around, let Bob speak. These creatures, don’t trust themselves in other creatures without a scar or physical impairments, you  seemed an angel in comparison to Bob” and before to enter Bob have shrugged. So they entered in the order in which Shifty had said.

When the small creature entered, the shopkeeper have not neither noticed him, and when the two creatures, have started to look at themselves around, the classical: “What can i do for you?” almost spontaneously have arrived, and Bob have waited that the answer arrived, and seconds later Shifty, as a ghost have given him the right one: “We were only looking at, when we will have need of you, i will call you!” and with his hoarse voice and his scaring look, Bob have muted the shopkeeper, who have got back to his counter to settled some thing that he had left as soon he have seen them enter.

Billy and Bob didn’t know where look at, but when Shifty have dragged them next to a clothes display stand, the small creature, have indicated them to take some dresses from that display stand, and to wear them immediately. And without that Shifty advising them what say, Bob have point some dresses and making understand the shopkeeper, that they have would take them, and without leave him add else, they went inside the dressing room and after few minutes later, from two creatures well dressed, they have came out unrecognizable, and Shifty have wided his small eyes as much impressed he was for the transformation that they had done in few minutes, above all Bob. He was dropped into the part, and only when Shifty have noticed his snake chained tatoo on his shoulder, he have beckoning him, and for a moment, Bob have stared his tatoo, and then he have said: “Old time”, and staring Billy he have shyly smiled. 

They were about to go to pay, but hiding in the shadow, Shifty have stopped them in time and he have given them some odds and ends, saying: “From these parts they want being paid so, they don’t believe in money” , and giving those stuff, he have left the shop, waiting for Billy and Bob.
The shopkeeper taking that «currency», had put inside a bag the old dresses, and when Bob have thanked him saluting, the owner have looked at them in a very strange way, but he have not stopped himself who they were. 
In hand he had what he wanted more, and he was counting how much stuff he had gained, and above all, what, those two creature had given him. 

Only after he have checked what he had gained, he have take a glance outside, but already those two creatures were gone and a sun beam was bliding that part of sidewalk, and for the shopkeeper was hard see outside, and he have got back to admire what Bob had put on the counter.”



Listen to it🔉⤵





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