Your embrace

Like this, all of sudden, and your whispers, as much sweet that i have to throw away all the air from the lungs.
Our soft electric shoicks are crossing our minds and our connection just immediately when our double number is appared on my smartphone. 
 I can feel your sweet embrace, and i can only do is smile. 

I know you are feeling me, because i feeling you strong. 
Despite our connection i miss you,  and in know you miss me too. 
We are looking at ourselves around, and despite our distance we are looking for us, and when we feel our electric shicks, we know, are communicating, and it’s the most beautiful sensation that we can feel.

I know you are counting on me for all those pictures. 
I hope you are appreciating what i’m doing for you. 

I feeling you next to me in these instants. I’m biting my lips.


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