After seeing Shifty leave the striptease with Billy and Bob, we have looked at each other, and we could think a bit to our agency, even because Red Leaf seemed being relaxed, and he was chatting with Michelle, and on his sweet so strange face, we have could perceive a sweet smile, and Michelle seemed appreciate his company.

Without make notice us, we have left the striptease club, saluting Cyclope, who have beckoning at the scene in which Michelle and Red Leaf were starring. We have smiled him shrugging. They were the strangest couple ever seen in the striptease, but for how much we could listen to outside, they having so fun. 
Looking at you, i have smiled thinking that maybe Red Leaf had found who really could make him forget that bad story that had told us.

We have started to walk toward your car to put my bag inside of it, but when we have reached the gate of my building, you have said to remain there, you have would make a quick run, and so giving me the key, you have left me in front of the gate of our future agency, and in a run you have reached the car. 
Slowly i have opened the gate and i entered in hall. I have stopped for a bit in front of the door of my apartment, imaging the plate “D&L Investigation Agency”, and closing the eyes, i have throw away the air from the lungs, and while i was dreaming on this small thing, i haven’t heard you arrive, and when you have delicately tightened my waist, i have jolted, but when i have turned, i have dived into your blue eyes, and a smile have being born on my face. 

When you have take the the key from my hand and have opened the door, you have whispered me to enter, and slowly i moved from that threshold and i have came out from that small dream in which i was.
I entered, and i looked at myself around, deciding in my mind, how it had to being organized the agency. 
Slowly my mind have started to run, and even you have had difficulties to follow my reasoning, but on two things i was sure: our desks would have formed an L, and your would been the first that the clients have would seen, just entering. Mine would been put along a wall that we would have to put up to divide the tiny kitchenette.
And decided so, i have looked at you, and i have sit on the couch, taking the bloc note, that i had in my small bag.

I never been good to draw, but for what i had in mind a sketch it was enough, and so i have put down a draft of what i have would wanted being our working space. I have called you next to me, and seeing sketch, you have take the bloc note, and looking straight into my eyes, you have said: “Slow” and slowly i have started to make you see what till that moment, you had see as  a jumble of images mixed each other, and only looking at  that sheet of paper, it have came out a perfect draw, and only when my mind have stopped, you have stared what you had drawn, and with a glance, you have admired what it have came out, and looking at the draw you have looked at the small apartment and right after, you have sighed: “It’s perfect!”.

Looking at it once again, i have smiled you, and right after i have put it on the small table in front of the sofa, i have took the once again the bloc note, andi have started to read aloud the notes that i had taken from the Red Leaf story, and ending with you, i have put down some theories, and looking at each other, without issuing no sound, we have hoped that Billy and Bob would have could found something important, and gettin relax, we have only imagined where Shifty had brought them, and how they had dressed themselves to confuse among those creatures who didn’t have ever met them. 
At that thought we have laughed.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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