Decided, we have  shared a general glance, and i have looked deeply Red Leaf beckoning, and touching his delicate hands, he have smiled.

Billy and Bob elegantly dressed, have looked at each other and Bob have said: “We have to choose others dress to wear” looking at his companion who was laughing, and Shifty knew perfectly where take them, and without rounds of words, with his small paws he have dragged Billy out of that table, saying: “I know a right place, come with me!” And looking at even Bob, he have beckon them to follow him.

Shifty knew that there was no other time for chatting, so looking at us, he have made us understand that he have would left us taking away those two big beast with him.
I shared a glance with you, and saluting i have thanked them, repeating Red Leaf that we have would come till end to this matter, and we have would do everything to restabilize a sort of normality in city.
Red Leaf have blushed. I have noticed it because all of sudden all his leaves have become of red fire, and it seemed that he got fire, but it have lasted only few seconds, and only when he have drink some sips from one of those glasses in front, he got back to normal. 

It was been the first time that we have seen how he have drink. We have remained fascinated. 
He got relaxed, and with all those certainties we had gave him, he have could drink some sips. 
He had a small mouth to talk, but don’t to drink or eat. 
We were in front to a show never seen before. 
He slowly have brought in front of him the glass full of water, and looking at us, he seemed was ashame himself for what he was about to do, but right after, he have immersed his leaf hand in the glass, and we have could see maybe one of the beautiful show of the nature at which we were assisting. 

Throught his grain we were seeing the water from the glass crossing his woody body, and some brownish part of his thin body have became once again green. We were so fascinated by that way of drinking, that Red Leaf have stopped, saying: “Yes i know it’s strange, but it’s the only way that i know.”
Looking at him, i have smiled and i have replied: “It’s wonderful. For a moment we have see a light inside you. It have dazed us”. 
Saying that, you have have tightened me to you, and sharing a quick glance, throwing away the air from the lungs, you have asked him if  he had something else that he wanted adding to his story. 
“More details we have, it’s better”. 

For what i had collect in my notes it was enough, and i would have wanted leave that woody creature taking breathe, but for your reasoning you was doing, it was better beat the iron until it is hot. And now Red Leaf was looking at you straight into your eyes, and with a shy smile, he was thinking on everything he had said me, and only when together we have retraced all the steps, we have found there were nothing more, and ending i have said: “I have everything we have need. I’m sure that with Bill and Bob we will have a valid help, and we will find shortly something more.”

Cyclope have comeback to take away the other glasses, and when have looked at Red Leaf first then he have staring at us who were esposing that we had to settled a bit our agency, Cyclope have  intrude, saying: “Till the agency will be not effectively ready, you can work from here, and i’m sure that the happiest will be Michelle”.

I knew Cyclope, and saying so, he knew he had right, and as soon he have named Michelle, someone behind the brownish drapery saying: “Someone have called my name?” and Michelle came out, with on one of her soft white bathrobe, and looking at first Cyclope who have repeating her what he had said us, my big friend have looked at me, and her wonderful green eyes have bright, and she have came closer to me, and with a such ease, she have take me and she have embraced me tight, saying: “You can remain how much you want!” and laughing she have put me on the ground, knowing better than us that it was not possible, she have staring that woody creature i have presented him to her, and Red Leaf have got up, and with a gentle bow he have kissed her big paw 
Despite their differences, Michelle have blushed, fascinated by his ways.”


Listen to it 🔉⤵




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