When that

Tiny Fiorrancino have placed delicately on my fingers, i have had a strange premonition.
The waiting is really over.
The time that we have much waited is about to arrive.
Also tonight i have dreamt you, but what it have remained impressed, it that dream in which you was  laid out  in street, and now even the blue tit have comeback. 

All magical signs that our time is arrived. My heart is beating strong like a jackhammer, and i feel your closeness here around. 
The soft punch in the stomach is growing , and i feel our connection making itself stronger. 
I feel your arms around my belly, and your breath is warming my soul. 

At the thought that finally we will meet, i have the heart that is splashing out from the  chest, and the emotion is growing each minute is pass. 
I have to throw the air from the lungs

I’m sure that all these signs have come from Our Parallel  World, and it wants say us that we are ready to meet each other. 
My head is exploding and i can’t swallow, and the only thing i can do is think to you strong. 

All these signs makes me think that our connection is very strong, and in someway, you have reached to the same of awareness that we are bonded by that thread that in all the way i’m trying to make itself become our sheild.  
I’m throwing away the air from the lungs, and you are here next to me, tightening me stronger to you.

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