Immediately i have beckon to Billy and Bob to sit with us, but due their greatness, Cyclope have came to added another table with another two bench, so the big creatures have added to that strange company, who for a long minute have looked at them in silence. 

With a soft tone of voice, i have explained them that they had to get used to their big presence, and so Billy and Bob have nodded, looking at themselves around a bit in embarassed.

Even you have stared them, studying their scar faces. One of them had a scar crossing the eye from part to part, and each time he was trying to smile that eye closing, but by now, it seemed he got used of it, and it seemed that grimace, get scare more than anything else.
Cyclope knew well their tastes, and without asking, had brought them a couple of glasses of their favourite drinks.
Both have thanked him, and Billy have asked news about Michelle, and Cyclope said that she was ok, and those instants, she was doing a latest meeting with the other dancers in her dressing room. They have prayed him to saluted her. Cyclope have left us, saying that he would give her, their salute.

After those pleasantries, everybody, to the table, have seen that, despite their look, were very gentle, and on the face of Red Leaf was printed a shy smile, and delicately he have left my hold, but in a quick glance he have thanked me.
I knew that their presence would have scare anyone, but knowing their kindness toward the crew of the striptease, but above all toward my Michelle, i knew that i would could blindly count in them, and without thinking much, i have expose our plan to open the D&L Investigation Agency, and looking at one by one, i have asked them: “Would you work for us?”
And looking at you, i have waited for an answer that it have not waited to come.

Billy and Bob have looked at each other neither for a second, and unison they have immediately reply with a dry: “Yes!” After a big smile of every present at that table, i have said that it was implied that each time the striptease club would have had their assistence they had the obligation to come to help my friends.

Serving a client, Cyclope have stopped and he have looked at me,  and on his big face his eye got wet, and a big tear have came inside the glass of that client, who had not noticed it, as much he was talking, while Cyclope was continuing mumbling don’t listening to him.
Paid him, Cyclope have continued to look at me and only when i have perceived his glance straight on me, i have turned, and seeing his emotion, i have moved too, and only when our emotion ended, i have called him, and i wanted hug him, as much i have could, and in a whisper i have said: ” I don’t leave my friends without a valid help.  You are my family, remember it always.” Cyclope have dry another big tear, and looking at Billy and Bob, he said: “Don’t disappoint her, she is the most smart person i know!” and so he have gave me anoher big hug, and he got back to the counter.

I don’t know how much this have impressed the others, but i know that it have came out from the bottom of my heart, and returning to see the occupants of the tables, i have remained dazed, because everybody were looking at me as the most magical creature that they had known. Above all you, and delicately you have tightened me, and in a low tone of voice you have sighed me in one ear that phrase that i was learning to hear. 
A delicate shiver have crossed my back, and with another excuse, i have tightened me more to you, and you have embraced me delicately. 

For an instant we have looked at each other, and smiling we got back to stare who had in front, and to break that atmosphere, it have been the Bob’ hoarse voice, looking at his companion, have asked me what it would have been their first task for our agency. 

Holding back the air, for then throw it away, i have looked at you first then Billy and Bob, exposing the Red Leaf story reading everything what i would have forget from my notes, and i have asked them to hear any news that they have would could collect about those group of werewolves, and go with Shifty in those places in which our small friend had noticed strange movements, and maybe with some disguises, sneak in some local where they are been seen those creatures, and hear which voices was rounding about to regain that part of the city, and which creatures who they had conviced to join their cause.”


Listen to it🔉⤵





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