What was running in my mind  it was making itself always more clearest and definied. When Cyclope have wrote those two names on a paper towel, i have looked at him question myself if he was sure of what he had wrote. 
He exclaimed: “Surely, they are looking for a job, and i think they are good for what you are looking for”, and so i have looked at him once again a bit interdicted, but sure of what my great friend have said with total determination. 

I knew those two creatures and they seemed just the right creatures of which our new agency had need. Big and  sturdy. I have looked at Cyclope, and without not even ask nothing else, he have immediately reply: :” I go to call them, they will be happy to know that someone have need their help” and so Cyclope have left us, while i have smiled him.

You have looked at the scene questioning yourself who were those creatures, and for a moment at that table have fallen a silence, and after a general glance, i have explained everybody that i had already met those couple of creatures and after have described them, Shifty have delicately smiled, making understand everybody that he had glimpsed them on street, and without say nothing, he had expressed his thoughts about, and right after, i have replied: “Maybe they will be not genius, but they  are what we have need in this moment. Creatures who have no fear to fight. And  from the scars on their faces, they have fought enough. They make themselves respect”, and looking deeply one by one at that table, i have glimpsed Cyclope to the counter that was composing a phone number.

Those two creatures had already helped the crew of the striptease to throw out some drunk clients, and they had defended in other cases Michelle, when  the striptease were full of creatures who  have came from other counties, that’s why Cyclope had their number. And only when they have replied, at our table have fallen once again a silence, and everybody, above all Red Leaf wanted hear what they were saying to Cyclope, who quickly have made us comprehend what they had answered him, and hanging the phone handset, he have only nodded, and he only added that they have would take five minutes. And without do it on porpouse, all the occupant of that table have lifted the glance toward the big clock above the the long shopwindow behind the counter of Cyclope, who even him have given a glance to the the clock and the he got back to work. 

Now it was question to wait those five minutes, that seemed us an eternity. 
Red Leaf was looking at himself around, searching to act normal, but it was sees far a mile, that he was really nervous. I have could perceive his dread each time the wooden door was opening, and staying in front of me, he could see not who was entering, but i have made him understand that he had to look at me, and in shortly, in those two butterfly eyes, i have could perceive a sweet smile.
You, next to me, have delicately tightened my hand below the table, and with a soft tone of voice have said to Red Leaf: “She have this capacity to get calm anyone with a simple smile”, and then you have smiled looking at me. 
I have blushed, and looking at Red Leaf, i have throw away the air from the lungs, and seconds later the creature in front of me, have done the same, but doing it have shaked all his thin body, and all the red leaves have shaked provoking a great din and as much he was tense, that latest my tempt to relax him, it have been the exact contrary. 

He have started to shake, and the term: “Shaking like a leaf” it was perfect for him. I have took his delicate hands , and maybe it have been a lucky his trembling, because from that wooden door, have entered those two creatures who would helped us, and if i didn’t had hold his hand, Red Leaf would scared more.

In backlight, they seemed bigger than they weren’t in reality, and when have met the glance of Cyclope, who was cleaning a couple of glasses, mute Cyclope have indicated our table, and when they have presented in front of the our place, everybody have looked at them saluting them. 
The only one who didn’t seem to notice that someone else was there was Red Leaf, who only looked up after a couple of seconds, and immediately jumped, but I softly said: “It’s okay, it’s Billy and Bob “, and so the woody creature smiled at her, but then immediately returned to stare at me.
I smiled at him, still holding her delicate hand.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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