In these minutes

I just only think that is Our Parallel World wants says us that we are connected more than we can imagine. 
Tonight i have dream you then that magical flag is appeared in this open diary. 
I throwing away the air from the lungs, for don’t go crazy, but it impossible.
And this picture is hammering my head, and more i thing to what have happened in these minutes, more  i think that something have really happened between us and that thin thread is exists really, and it is becoming stronger.

I really would want know the meaning of that dream. You know that are two days that i have dream you, but this have been more vivid. I have stared you leaned on street with your blue bathrobe in waiting for something, maybe of me? I really don’t know, but it have really shocked that something i have perceived, it have became true. 
Maybe it was not you, but in my deep i know it was you, and everything this in few hours. 

I’m still shaking the head, thinking of you, having that image of you lay in street. I’m throwing away all the air from the lungs. I just can only think it’s  Our Parallel World that is uniting us always more, each day is pass, and we have to only realizing of that. 
I’m biting my lips looking at you in this picture made for me.


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