Red Leaf seemed have found a way to set free all his fear, telling us what have him happened when a day have met that small group of werewolves in street. 
It seemed that they were looking for a new target, and before to targeting him, they had glimpsed a group of another creatures, but they hadn’t did the right calcuations about the size and differents measures, and those creatures have sent them way with incredible ease.

“But that day, they were decided to target someone, and after another failed tempt, they have saw me, and they have followed me along the street, and when they have found a good point to stop me, they did. Despite i’m tall, i’m easy to blocked me, so they have dragged me in a solitary alley, and they have  started to announce that, after the death of their leader, they have could not surrender to their own right to their part of the city, and taking under their «protection» some creatures they would could take again that right that was been substract them. 
They want me being part of their group, renouincing at my roots.
They have blackmailed me, saying that, if i don’t was make see with them, they have would have do the way that those few member of my clan, would have a bad end, and as much i could seemed the weakest, i’m one of the most important creature of my clan. They have choose very good who blackmail”

He have stopped. It seemed he wanted take breathe. He was looking at everybody carefully. Me, i seeemd a crazy, while i was ending to take note  of each words that were resounding still in my head. You was still enchanted  of who you had in front, but very delicately, as Red Leaf have did till that moment, you have formulated a question, maybe the most important. 
“Since when it did have started?” 

Immediately, me too i have stopped to write, and first to look at Red Leaf, i have looked at you for an instant, then i have shared a scared glace with Shifty which seemed have no expression, but in my deep, i could perceive that he was coming closer to a ravine, and as soon Red Leaf had given his reply, the small blackish creature have would knew that that one, it was a small case, but a case  in which we would have to dig more deep.
I have looked deeply Shifty, and only when i realized that he didn’t have brought us only our first case, but even one of the most tangled,  i have nodded him.
And only when Red Leaf have answered to you, our glances have moved to the big red and thin branch sat in front of us.

When his sweet and calm voice have started to seak, uncoditionnally i have tightened your hand below the table, whilt with the other i was looking for take note on my bloc note, but that pencil have became heavier than a rock, and my heart have started to beat like a crazy. I was staring Red Leaf straight into his butterfly eyes.
“I prensume, right after your agression. I was looking at them around to the city, pretending to being sorry of what have happened to you, but i think it have been a swindle. On the contrary”.
We have looked at each other dazed. 
“Therefore, even when they went to the police…”, Red Leaf have looked at us and with a soft beckon, he have reply.
“They have helped him to attack you, but they have left him die. They have found an opportunity to create a new group, and they have taken it! But now they have need of someone else followers to declare their greatness.”

It was not a simple first case, it was a power game, and they were targeting some of the creatures to develop their small reign that was being born,  and now that their leader have been killed, they had to make see the inhabitants that it was better stay under them, because on contrary, they have would create a real chaos.
“They have targeted me, but they can targeting others…”
“We have to start check each corner of the street, and in someway warn the inhabitants” i have said looking at you.

And saying this, i was thinking that we would have need of others collaborators, and looking at Cyclope to the counter, i have made him sign to come closer. 
Cyclope was the only one who knew who could knew who could being the right creatures for us.
He gave us immediately two names.


Listen to it🔉⤵




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