Here you are

And all of a sudden the soft punch in the stomach has grown, and everything  around me has become lighter, and our small electric shocks are started to cross in our minds. 
I have to throw away all the air from the lungs. 

I see the clock and, by chance is approaching a double number, and i staring straight into those blue eyes, and everything is vanishing, and slow Our Parallel World is lifting around us. 
For a bit a close the eyes, and i perceive your arms around my belly, and everything vanish. 

We exists only you and me, and when i by chance i see that double number, i look at you, and i hold back the breathe. My heart is beating like a crazy. 
If i close the eyes, i can feel you deliocate breath that is wrapping my being, and your arm are tightening me more to you. 
I dive myself in your eyes, and sweetly i touch your tiny mole…. I’m sighing your name.
I’m  think to you in these instants, and i’m think you are do the same. 

For a short instants we have met in our dreams. Our eyes have met, and our hearts have started to beat fast. I want think that you have done the same dream. 
I’m smiling at you, as you doing right now.


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