We have remained a bit dazed  for the thought that it was running in our mind, and when we have looked at each other, immediately i have said you to take the big bag in the cupboard and take some my dresses inside of it, and to emptying the small cabinet over the sink in the bathroom, and see around, and maybe take things i would thought was important. 

I was about to exit, and smiling, i have looked at you, saying:” Put everything inside, then we can check it later. Hurry up. I wait for you  in the striptease club.” and so we have shared a kind glance. 
Closed the door, i have remained behind the door to hear you wandering in that small aparment to take my stuff.
Biting my lips, i went away, and i jumped in street. 
Walking fast, i wanted see if was been capable to individuate some member of the clan of the Red Leaf, and i looking at me around.
Of many creatures who were walking in that short stretch of road, i have indentified several creatures, but any of that clan.

Entering in the striptease maybe i had just recognized that one who i would have meet shortly, but i wasn’t sure. 
Just the time would have give me an answer.
The first i have met, it have been Cyclope who was serving a customer at the counter, and as soon he have saw me, he have nodded me, and i have give it back. I have sit at my usual table, at my usual bench, with the main door in front of me.
I was love that table with that concrete column next to the bench at protection. It was making me feel sure, and my friends was love that column: they could lean on it. It was our small corner, and when Cyclope have ended serve that costumer, have run to me, questioning what i would have taken. 

“Only a bottle of water and three glasses, thank you. They are about to arrive Shifty and my very first client. I’m a bit nervous.”
Cyclope had noticed it, and as soon i have told «first client», he have immediately understand of what i was talked about, and he have wided his only eye, in the middle of the forehead, and when he cameback, i have noticed that he had brought what i had ordered on his best tray. Blushing  i have thanked him.
Leaving me alone, he have wishing me: “Good luck”. I have smiled him, taking from my small bag, a pencil and the bloc notes. I have drunk some sips, and when i put down the glass, the small wooden main entrance have opend itself, and who have entered have been two creatures, really different each other. One black and very small, and the otjer one, very reddish and very tall. 

The Shifty’s describption was perfect: his body was an unique branch, composed by two thin legs, and two long arms where at end there were two very delicate hands composed by red leaves. But they were strnger than we could imagine. What it had me tenderness more, was his face. A big red leaf with two black pupils, and through those eyes i have could perceive all his dread.
His eyes were moving all around, and his movements seemed see a butterfly ready to take flight. 
I have remanied fascinated by those wonderful eyes, who was asking help.

Another time the wooden door have opened, and i have shaked myself from what i was feeling in front of that fascinating creature, and getting back, i have clearing my voice, and when i was about to formulate my first question, Red Leaf have soft touch my hand. 
I have left him do, remembering what Shifty had said us. In fact his hands seemed the delicatest part of his body, and for fear to break them, after he have caressed mine, with the maximum cure, i have soft caressed his.
And for a moment, we have remained with both hands united. 

With that gesture i have understand that he wanted transmit all his grateful, for what i was doing, above all, knowing what i have passed with their leader. 
We have shared a sweet glance, and when he have started to answer to my small questions, we everybody in the anteroom, have remained fascinated by his suave voice.

Even you when have entered in the striptease, have been caught by that sweet voice, and fascinated slowly you have sit next to me, sharing a quick glance with all the occupants of the table, and tightening my hand, you have continued to listen to what Red Leaf was telling us, studying the thin creature in front.”


Listen to it🔉⤵





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