It seemed that he had hurry to work  for us, and it seemed that he had already found a interesting case for our newest D&L Investigation agency. 
We have looked at us a bit dazed, and now our sense of modesty was saying, almost screaming: “Hurry, hurry!”
And really fast we got wear those dresses that we had left scattered on the floor, and while you was saying him to wait a minute, Shifty have replied: “Don’t worry… i know in  what condition you are…!” 

Looking at each other, i blushed and i have run in bathroom, while you have wear your pants, and have came open the door, and you have let enter Shifty, who entering he have looked at himself around, and he have studied deep the apartment knowing that it was that one in which i have been attacked. 
He was hoping to see some police tracks, but the only thing he have could notice, was the wide window open, and sniffing the air he would wanted feel that smell, that we had accurately remove.

He have not speak till i have came out from the bath, adjusting my large brownish skirt, and only when he have met my smiling glance, he have began to describe something that it sounded us very familiar. and when he have described three small werewolves, i had a jolted.
And looking at us,  the said «the wolf loses its fur but not its vice» have resounded in our minds. 

While you have take some cups of simple coffee, i have sit Shifty on the couch praying him to say us what he had seen or heard. 
“I have followed those little group of werewolves that from what i heard, they had targeted one of the most weak creature of the city. Now that their leader have dead, they have to maintain a sort of position. It’s not a real case, but it have seemed me a good point from we can start, isn’t? You have killed their leader for legitimate defense, and now your  agency will collect the witness of this poor creature. And for what i think that creature isn’t the first one targeted from that group, if i had not noticed that scene, it would went for many days, and for sure that creature have would not ever go to the police. After they have threathned him, i have came closer to him, after he got calm a bit. 
When he have seen me, he was about to run, but i have been capable to relax him, and when i have named you, he knew your whole story. When i told him that i was working for you, he have almost smiled.”

You have sat in front of us, on the small table, and have said: “Good job Shifty”.
The small creature have smiled, and you wanted his describtion. 
“If you meet him in street, you can’t wrong. He is being part of the clan Red Leaf. They avoid the windy days. It tells that just in a windy day they have lost many their member. He’s vey tall and thin, when i touched him to take him in a peaceful place to talk about you, i had fear to break his thin hands. Hands made by their red leaves.
I think that the werewolves have targeted him because they know that the Red Leaf are remained in few, and if they control them, the werewolves can restablish again their dominance…”

His reasoning seemed being right, and when we have looked at each other we have could only nod and we have said Shifty to go back in street and see to contact again Red Leaf, and bring him to the striptease, where one of  us, it have would collected all the necessary informations to create  the first file of  our agency.
Shifty have nodded, but before to go, he said: “Since when i said i worked for you” – indicating me- “i immediately understand that, knowing your story, what have you happened, Red Leaf have would pleasure to talk to you”.

Even you were agree with Shifty, and  so it have been decided that would been you to take my personal effect, and when you have would ended, you would reached me in the striptease, where i would waited for Shifty who arrive with Red Leaf.
Shifty have left us first, and closing the door, you have sharing a glance with me, then i have shyly smiled. 
We were about to have our first case.”



Listen to it🔉⤵




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