You arrive

Behind me, like a thief, and you steal my soul. 
I close the eyes, and i whisper your name, while you are tightening me stronger to you. and i remain for a second so, tasting this sweet moment with you. 
 I leave ajar the lips, i waiting that your lips caresses mine, despite our  real distance, but it’s only a physics thing, because we are feel us next each other, and each day this closeness is become always stronger.

The soft punch in the stomach is present, and when i think of it, i can perceive our little electric shocks cross my mind,and i know is you. 
You are tightening me strong, seeing what i’m writing in this open diary.
I can hear your delicate sighs, and your hands are sweet mapping my body. 
BIting my lips, my fingers are shaking on this keyboard, and i shake my head.

Throwing away the air from the lungs, i hope to see your lips come closer to mine and caress mine, while Our Parallel World is lifting up around us.
Listening this song, i smile, and i hope you are listening it too, while my heart is beating like crazy.

I see the clock and here it is another double number. I shake the head, i can’t believe it that happenes everytime, and i feel the soft punch in the stomach, and i’m biting lips, because what i’m feeling  in these instants is overwhelming me, and i know, in someways it’s dazing you. 

Our connection is becoming stronger and we are feeling it inside our souls, and what we can do is throw away the air from the lungs, to get calm us for a second, but then everything restart.
I feel your closeness, your arms around my belly, and everything is lighter. I feel you whisoer my name, and i know you are feel my sighs.


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