For a moment you have looked at me, and right after you have softly called me. I held back the breathe and i have opened the eyes smilng at you. I have taken the flap of your shirt and delicately, i have pulled you toward me, and sweetly i have embraced you.
My warm breath have enveleped you, and without add else you have settled yourself better next to me, and you have embraced me as if you wanted protected me, and we have remained so, till we have asleep.

Your hand have caressed me along my body till arrive once again, where it was exploded my pleasure.
There were yet small contraction, and feeling them, you have looked at me, aware that what we had  done had exorcized my adventure and cleansed all that ambient getting it back how it was.
Slow, you have looked at all that ambient, and sniffing the air, you have soft smiled, returning at me. 
You have sighed my name, and sleeping, i have called you delicately, and sweetly you have replied: “Sleep, i will be at your side.”
You have wanted embraced me tighter, and i have settled myself closer to you.
After few minutes, even you, have asleep in that small couch.

When the day after, we have awoke ourselves, it seemed that we had ever slept, and when our glances have met, we have remained  overwhelmed. All our plans to take some my personal effects, had jumped, but we didn’t have care.
When for the first time we have looked at each other, that thought was the first that have vanished from our mind, and when we have looked at us around, everything seemed got back to the normality, and even that antiseptic smell around the  apartment were gone, and closing the eyes, unison, we have sniffed the air, and only when we have opened them again, everything bad that those four walls had collected from that bad moment, were gone. 

For a long instant, we have shared a glance full of a unique question, and the answer was in our hearts that were beating like two crazy, and slowly staring straight into my eyes, softly, you was nodding, and me was looking at me around, i knew that it was so. When, once again, our glances have met, we have throw away all the air from the lungs, and unison, our glance have looked at the fluttering white curtain that covered the open window.

We had still those unfastened shirts on, and nobody of us wanted settle them better. We wanted live those moments till our sense of modesty have would say us to wear something more.
Those instants were, for us, a manifesto that our love had defeat everything bad have happened in that room, and we didn’t care id through the white curtain outside, some creatures have could see our bare silhouettes, on the contrary, maybe we were happier. And surely someone have seen us. 
We were saying to the whole world that we were ready to challenge everybody who have would wanted beat us.

After that night born so sweet, we have feel ourselves so charged, and it was enough a glance, that we have would could beat anybody.
We have laughed alot that late morning. We didn’t wanted thought still to the D&L Investigation agency. 
Certain, we had some ideas to develop, but  it was still soon to put us to study a plan. 

Those following hours, we wanted only tasting that sense of victory inside and outside us.
After have looked at me deeply, you have take my hand and you have dragged me in the kitchenette, where you have me sit, and with those few tools i had in kitchen cabinet, you have cooked one of your specialty.

Taken a blander, you have started to mix few ingrendients in a bowl, while i was looking at you enchanted by what you was doing, and more you was mixing that liquid with those two ingredient, more i was thinking to what you have me felt few hours ago, and without do it on porpouse i have started bite my lips, and got up, i have came behind you, and tightening you to me, i lay my face on your shoulder, and  slowly i have elongated my hand toward the blander that you had in hand, and in a sigh, i have said: “Teach me”, and so you have me put in front of the stoven, and you gave me the blander, and taking my hand, you have started me see how i would had to do, but you knew it was an excuse to stay next with you and see how you was manipulate that tool that it have remined me your fast movements inside me.

After a couple of seconds, i have left fallen that tool in the sink, and turning, i have looked at you deeply, and i have opened the legs, and looking at your hand, you have caressed my legs, till arrived to that small part that was asking another time to make me enjoy.
But we are been interrupted by someone have knocked our door, and sighing our names, it have presented itself.


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