I have started to feel your sweet embrace around my belly, and your soft whspers have moved me. 
Our connection is about to start with these small sign. 
I see the clock and isn’t a coincidence that that double number is about to arrive. 

Our soft punch in the stomach is delicately growing inside us. 
Despite we are so far each other, i can feel you are  smiling, about what i want do, i can perceive you nod. 

My heart is beating so strong only at the thought, but if i close the eyes, i can see your wonderful eyes and sweet smile,  and it giving me the strenght to do it. 
I throw away all the air from the lungs, and looking at you so, i can’t hold back some small tears.

All of a sudden i feeling your closeness closer.
I leave ajar the mouth, and i think what you have me made feel before, and i hope that the blue tit comeback. 
I look at you and i lose myself in that smile, and diving into those blue eyes i want touch your soul, your heart, like you did seven years ago, with me, opening the gate to Our Parallel World. 
My heart is beating like a crazy, and i know that you are feeling it, like these emotions that i’m felling in this instant.


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