After that kiss we have looked at each other, and sweetly you have repeated a couple of times my name.
Those blue eyes have me forget where i was and in which situation we were. 
I had my hand inside that unfastened shirt, and you was looking what i was doing.

You was capable to transporting me in wonderful worlds where nobody could enter, where reigning only our emotions, and that it was one of those moments
Delicately you have caressed me all along my body, and sweetly you got up, while i was asking you: “Where you go?”
But there was no any reply, just your glance didn’t have stick off from mine, and with all the delicateness with which is handling a flower, you have lay me on that sofa, and slowly you have made me feel comfy.

Just after few seconds, your glance have moved toward that my white and softy shirt, and for a quick instants our glances have speaking each other. One was asking the other if you could touch that fabric and unfasten some buttons, the other one, blushing, was looking at the fingers that sweetly was approaching to those bottons, and all of a sudden,  those glances seemed merging one in another, and then with a imperceptible beckon, one have  give the permission to the other one, and finally my glance have looked at your hands that have started to unfastening my shirt.

When you have unfastened all bottons, you have remained breathless, as if you was looking my breast for the very first time, and i was staring that enchanted glance. 
Delicately you have me slided the sleeves on my arms, and our glances have met.  
I had already forget everything, and  closing the eyes, i was arching my body toward you, and you have take off my shirt, and now our bodies were about to meet, and when your chest have touched mine, i have ended to unfastened your shirt, and also me, i have made slide your shirt on your arms. 

When you have sighed my name, our breathes are increased, and just after one second of an intense glances, our tongues are merged one in another. In our heads was playing one of the sweetest music, and we have made love made only by touches, caresses, shirts that touching a bare chest, hands that were holding flap of them, and hands that opening pants, and hands that were going steal some small contractions below lace panties, and glances that were asking permission, and some lips that were biting themselves for the excitement that all those was provoking.

And when i have whispered: “Continue”, you have looked at me surprised, but you knew what i wanted say, and so you have down the pant. 
All what i wanted feel on those instants, were my contractions that were holding your finger, and looking at your glance straight into mine, and your enjoyment, and finally feel once again that pungent smell that was come out from that small triangle between my legs, and awashng that aparment, making become once again that our  small corner of sin.

I have sighed your name a couple of times, and only when i have could feel your hand that was delicately arriving to the groin, closing the eyes i said: “Do it!”, just few seconds after i felt the snatch, and immediately the rough penetration, and right after, you have felt my hold, and looking at straight into your eyes, i have started to moan, and that breathe, that slowly have became chocked was indicating you that i was setting free myself, and now what i wanted hear was that wet sound, that slowly was filling our ears, but above all  that small ambient, and when i have looked at you for a second, for then close the eyes, you have sighed my name praying me to open them. 
You knew that in few seconds i would have reached the climax and you wanted see my maximum beauty through the glance.

Reaching the pleasure i dived myself into your blue eyes but i have had tight the flap of your shirt, and noticing it, you have could feel how much it have lasted my orgasm.
Slowly i have left the holding,  leaving ajar the mouth, and staring you, i have carresed that bare chest reprising breath, closing the eyes for  moment.”


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