All of a

Sudden our connection around, and your arms around my belly, and that glance that have me left the breathe.
Your delicate embrace, and those whispers that are still flying in the air makes my hearts beating so strong, and just thiose blue eyes stright into mine, makes me go crazy. 
My heart is beating like a crazy, and i can perceive your. 

You are whisper my name, and my soul can hear it. 
I can only to throw away the air from the lungs, and looking at me around,feeling your presence in this solitary room. 

Loking at you in this pic, i can only think when you have done it, and i go crazy.
I shyly smile and almost blush at the idea to ask to your friends if you like what i have sent you.
And without make it on pourpose here it is our double number, of our connection. 
I blush at the thought that even you are thinking to me in this instants, and i know you are doing. 

I feeling your arms around my waist, and eveything is transforming in Our Paralllel World.
I close the eyes and i can perceive your closeness around me. 
The soft punch in the stomach is growing, and sweet electric shocks are crossing my mind. You. 
I leave ajar my lips, and i hold back the breathe. 
My fingers are shaking on this keyboard and everything is become lighter.
Our Parallel World is protecting us, you are feeling it too.


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