We stopped ourselves still for a bit in front of that wooden door, and we have shared a glance, then you have sweetly smiled and with delicateness you have took my hand, and slolwly we have start walk. 
For a bit  we haven’t talk, neither with mind. We were two human who were calming duing that walk. 

Just when i have recognized that hole in the concrete, i have lifted the face, and in a sigh, i have said: “Here we are”, and from my little bag i have pulled out the key, that you have kindly taken. 
I made you open the gate, and when you have done, you turned yourself, and your glance have stopped on me.
You knew better than me, that it was the very first time that i was about to enter in my apartment, after the bad fact. 

I have looked at you for a long instant. I have, not even, made those few stairs that would conducted me inside. I was remained on the sidewalk. You have elongated your hand toward mine, and with the sofest tone of voice, you have encouraged me to make those few stairs, but it seemed that i didn’t had listen to you, but a force inside me have pushed me toward you and almost fallen, i found myself in your arms. 
You have asked if i was ok, and almost mumbling i have replied: “Yes!”
Then you have came closer to the door, and you have inserted the key in the keyhole, and when the click have opened the door, you have stopped, and you have looked at me.

I didn’t know if i wanted enter or not, but when you have said: “It’s fine”, every my past fears gone away. 
As soon we have entered, the first thing that we have noticed, it have been the antiseptic smell that the police have had to spray to taken some fingerprints of the creature who had attacked me, and that smell have entered in our nostrils, as much that you, after assured yourself i was ok, you went to open the window to circulate the air and make enter some air of the town, and restabilize a bit of normality.

I wanted act normally, but i have found myself to stare the exact point in which the werewolf had throw me on ground, but when our glance have met, you have came closer, and with a soft caress have been capable to make me  forget those terrible moment, making me remember our sweet moments passed in that aparment.
I have stopped myself for a bit, and when i have looked at you once again, you have noticed my changing. 

I was in the middle of that room, just where i have fallen, but this time in my glance there were no my past fears. 
I wanted restarted from that point to turn page, and remove those bad remember just starng yur beautiful blue eyes. We have looked at each other, and slowly, you have reached me and sweetly you have tightened me to you till our foreheads have touched, and delicately you have started to move me delicately following an invisible slow sound, the we have could hear only inside our hearts. 

In that slow dance we were establishing once again an order made by our priorities. 
Senses, touches, glances, breathes, emotions, feelings, and above all whispers, have given once again to my aparment that small magic that have been stolen in those few, but brutal minutes.
Your hands on my hips, and your glance straight into mine, have made me forget everything, and in everything what you was sighing to me, fortifying our love.
From the ashes of that bad thing, was being born, maybe the strongest and delicate feeling that we were feeling.

We had to only take some personal effects to get back in your aparment, but the idea to get back in street it wasn’t in our chords. 
In that small apartment, we had everything we had need, and without say nothing, you have took my hand and delicately you have dragged in that couch, and you have me lean on your chest, and slow you have put my hand on you. 
Slowly you have unfastened four bottons of your shirt. Seeing that gesture, i have bite my lips, but you knew even that making so, i would got calm more. 
Unfastened it, you have looked at me straight into my eyes and sweetly you have taken my hand and you have made it slide inside. 
We held back the breathe unison. Me at my touch on your skin, and you at my sweet caress on your chest.
Softly smiling, you have moved away a lock of hair from my face, and whispering my name, you have came closer to me and you have kissed me so sweetly  that i have remained breathless.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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