Here it is

Our soft punch in the stomach, and your arms around my belly. 
I can perceive your sweet smile, and i smile back to you, even if you  can’t see me, but i’m sure you can feel something inside like me in these  instants. 

A strong feel that for don’t go crazy i have to throw away the air from the lungs. 
My fingers are shaking on this keyboard, and looking at the clock by change, it’ arriving another double number, and i think that it’s not  longer a coincidence.  Something bigger than us is communuicating that it wants us united, or in someways, bonded, and i’m sure that you are feeling the same there  to the other side of the planet. 

I feeling your arms around my belly, and they are tightening me to you. I feel you whisper my name, and our connection is making itself always stronger.
I’m thinking more to you since the soft punch in the stomach have grown, and those sweet electric shocks have started to cross my mind. 

I want think that occasionally, you reall think to me when you look at those stones i have sent you. 
I really want to., and i want hope that you sweet smile, when you take those stones, and i hope you listen that mp3, and listen carefully that piece that i have dedicated you. 
I’m listening to it in these nights, and now it bonding me more to you. I love it always more.


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