I was still at the table with Michelle and we were staring at each other. 
Slowly, i was explaining her better what you had told her few minutes ago, and with a sweet smile, she was comprehending that living in that mini apartment it would a dream for both, but an unpraticable fact.

I was exposing her that wer have been magical  those days, in which everything, for us was an uncover, and Michelle knews what i wanted say. And i was embarassed, only remembering those moments, and when i turned myself, seeing you at the Cyclope counter, a certain heat was warming me inside, and Michelle was the only who have noticed, and only after  a couple seconds of my blushing, she have took my hand, and looking at  me straight into my eyes, she have said: “My girl, i don’t have to think only to me. I immediately, have noticed your changing when Luke have entered in your life. You are brighter, and your light is blinding. Your glance have become more beautiful. Damn, girl you deserve it! And then it see far from mile that he have lost his head for you. I immediately noticed you have charmed him.  I don’t have to think only to me. Damn i’m very happy for you. Promise only one thing: each evening you have to pass from here!”

Looking at straight into her wonderful green eyes, i have took her one of her big paws, and i have said: “He will get use to my habits, i will not go to any place without have passed at least once from here. Remember, this is my home!”
I knew that saying so, i would get calm her more. She have smiled me sweetly, and then looking at you from shoulders, she have asked me about his aparment, and as soon i have explain in which building it was, on her big chubby, but always seducent face, it have printed  a smile, because she knew it very well. 
She have passed in front many times, and she have confessed me that she had fear of it.

I have laughed, and i have answered her that she had no wrong. 
“Then, when i have uncovered  in all that building were only him and Shifty, well i had a bit fear too. But it have been only for few seconds” and i have began staring at you who was kindly talking with Cyclope.
We had ended talk, but a smile have born on my mouth, and when Michelle have noticed it, she have whispered: “Since when that day, he have entered here, he have revolutionized your life…” and  staring her, i could not blush, and i have turn my glance once again toward her, i have simply nodded.

Michelle have take a look toward the clock above the shopwindow behind the counter of Cyclope and, she have announced that she had to go. The show was about to start.
She didn’t not even asked us if we could remain. In her deep, she knew well that we had to go in my apartment to take some my personal effects to make actual my moving and when she have got up, she have accompanied me to you, and  giving a pat on your shoulder, you have turned yourself round, and seeing me, you have sweetly smiled, and without make yourself hear from  the other two, you have asked me: “How did it went?”

From the Cyclope’ tales, you had uncover that only me with my speaking, i would have been capable to convice Michelle that what we were doing was the right thing, and so it have been.
“Michelle had only need to have some confirmations, and some stories about you. She know that you are the right guy for me, and that is enough for her” i have ended coming closer to you, and sweetly you have tightened me, and so Michelle have left us, winking you, and beckoning you have saluted her seeing her vanishing behnid the brownish drapery, and only when we have recognized the RedNeck voice, we have smiled, because it seemed that he was scolding her about her late.

We have remained in the anteroom with Cyclope till the band have started to play a sexy music, and from the screams and whistles, we have understand that Michelle have entered on stage, making go the audience crazy . 
And only when we have looked Cyclope, Cyclope have smiled us and understanding that we were about to leave the striptease, he have asked us if he would have seen us the next day.

“Sure!” i have replied him, and listening to the music in the salon, i was imagining which sensual dance Michelle was doing, because among the audience there were a silence, and only when we have came out from the local, a big roar have made trembling the building.
Taking your hand, i have shy smile and slowly we have directed toward my building just distant few meters.”


Listen to it🔉⤵





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