You would wanted remain so, embraced tight one in front another, but my wish to run to Michelle it was bigger than other things
I have could read your thoughts, and i have smile blushing, and looking at you, i have said gently: “Let’s go”.

It could have perceive far from a mile that from that precise instants it was beginning a new adventure, and thinking to how it have started we have shaked our head when our glances have met.
In your glance there was a new sparkle that when i seaw it for the first time, it have made beat the heart strong, and right you have closed the door of your aparment, we both have trow away the air from the lungs.

Entered in that  elevator, we have could perceive the pungent smell of what we had done few hours ago, going up. 
Now, going down the only thing we could do was looking at each other, and in silence we were imagining what we have could do in that small detective agency. 
You could read my thoughts freely, and when our eyes met each other, we have smiling, and your wish to tight me to your was stronger than other things, and when our bodies touched, you have sighed: “You are the most spectacular girl i have ever met” and smiling, you have caressing my face, and so you have came closer to kiss my lips.

That kiss have ended when the elevator’s door opened, and keeping my hand in your, we have came out. 
In that stretch of road, i hoped see Shifty, but as much he was  good to hid himself, i would could see a shadow and not being sure to have seen him. However i have looked at me around, but i didn’t have recognized nothing that it could looks like a small creature. 

You knew who i was looking for, and entered in the car, you have said: “He’s here around, don’t worry”, and so saying , you have turned on the engine, and with a sweet smile, you asked me if i was ready.  
Ready to go, ready to announce our new adventure, but above all ready to start new life with you.
I was looking at you breathless, and just when the car have moving, i held back the breath, for then throw it away. 

When slow the car have moving, you have take my hand, looking at me straight into my eyes everything of bad i have passed, it have been throw behind my shoulders, and those sun beams that for a seconds have blinding us, have indicanting us that new path that we would make together. 
When i have close the eyes due the great light, you have pronnounce that phrase that have made me splashed out the heart out from my chest, and only when i have been capable to reoponed the eyes, looking at you, i have sighed your name, and you held back the breathe.

In that journey, our emotions are fly and they have wrapped us, as much i have felt choking. I have had to open the car window to take air. 
You was at the steering wheel, looking at straight the street, but with the corner of the eye, you was looking what i was doing, and when you have realized that i have opened the car window, you have  place your hand on my leg, and have sighed my name. I didn’t have say nothing. Menthally i have only said: “Everything this is  so wonderful”, and looking at you, i have whispered: “Please stop here”.

We didn’t have arrived yet to the striptease club, but i wanted share another moment alone with you, and so you have stopped the car a bit distant from those two building that have would charactized our lives from on. 
I have turned toward you, and i have shy smile, and this time it have been me to hold your hand in mine.
I wanted say many things, but there was a tangle in my mind, that i didn’t know how to start.

 You could hear every my thoughts that were crossing themeselves, and when you have perceived that i was about to explode, you have  looked at me deeply, and putting one finger on my mouth, you have muted my thoughts, and my heart got calm, but  right after a tear have rolling out from my face. By now i was overwhelmed byt those emotions that with only that sweet glance was making me feel.
Delicately you have dry that tear and sweetly smiling, you have came closer to me and kindly you have kissed me, making me understand that nothing and nobody could not divide us.”


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