I have throw away

All the air from the lungs as soon i feel your sweet embrace arond my belly, and your sweet voice envelopeed my being.
And as soon u have that double number appeared on my smartphone, i have bite my lips. 

I would like stay so with you for all the rest of the time, eyes into eyes, and feeling your voice that delicately says that you are feeling the same that i’m feeling in these instants.
Seeing your ajar lips, makes me think tonight, and what we would have feel if we have left how it was.
I’m think to our aparment, i’m think to you and me there.

Last night our electric shocks were strong. I have had to throw away many time the air from the lungs, and what i have felt was really strong. 
I’m sure you have could feel my heart beating strong. I havbe felt your that is arrived in my brain.

Each day our connection is making itself stronger, and i know that even you feeling something that is growing inside you.
I close the eyes, i’m waiting your kiss, i leave ajar my lips too.
I’m think to you.

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