After a  general look, and after had the confirmation from Shifty that he would begin to work with us, i have warned everybody that after i would have came again to the striptease club and have would announce the big news. 

For how much exciting the news was, Shifty, have announced that he would not remained with us to celebrate the D&L Investigation, but he would got back in his apartment, to organize himself. to being presentable at our “office” in time the next day.
We have asked him remain, but gently he have said  no, and with a quick glance, we have understand that the old habits were hard to disappear, and we knew that Shifty would go to search for of eat in those places that he would have found something that he would liked.

Saying him: “See you tomorrow”, i have gave him the address, but as soon he have taken it, what he had in mind, was easier than we could have imagine. I have blushed, but i didn’t have hold back that piece of paper, and with a bit of embarass, i have say him goodbye, and you have accompanied him to the door, and in a sigh, you have said: “You will learn many things about her.”
Shifty have looked at you, with a smile, and with the same tone of voice, he have replied you: “I have, already learned alot things” and he have saluted you with a small touch of his small forehead, and like a lightening, he have vanished. 

Closing the door you turned and looking at me, you have came closer, and have sat in front to me, and you have throwing away the air from the lungs. We have remained for a bit in silence. On a sheet of paper i had wrote D&L Investigation, and i was staring it, and i was repeating it in my my mind, lile a broken record, and only when you have heard it crossing your mind, you have pronnounced it aloud, and with a sense of proud, you have said:” You find, that it sounds very good?” and you have repeated it, pronounce it distinctly, and at the second time, i have appended myself to you, and at the third time, when we have pronnouced unison, already we were seeing the big illuminated sign above the main entrance. 
And only when we have woke ourselves from that small dream, i have stared at you, and i have said only a name: “Michelle!”

I immediately wanted warned her  about that great news.
In you aparment there were no clock of any kind, but looking at outside the window, i would could imagine what time it was.
Certainly it was evening. We had left the club in the morning, and after what we had done have passed some hours, and thinking about it, i blushed, and my heart have started to beating strong.
Looking at you wandering around the apartment bringing the three glasses in the kitchen, i have thought that i would have had to get back in the my tiny aparment to take something, above all for the first night with you in that beautiful apartment, even if, looking at you sweetly smiling at me, you have would give me something your to wear, and that thing did like me it so much.
Wearing something your would have me feel immediately at my comfort, then feeling your perfume have would me love more that place.

When you have ended to settle those few things, you have came closer to me and with your soft voice, you have asked: “Do you want go?” 
“Yes please, then i have to take something for the night…” saying this, i have bite my lips. 
For a bit we have remained breathless, because in our minds, we already figuring what we would have done.
Our thoughts were chasing each other, and already we have forgot why we had to go out. 

For a seconds we both, have looked that mezzanine and those few stairs, our wish to leave everything how it was, it’s been big. We could feel our hearts beating like two crazy, but immediately, we got back us, and you looking at straight into my eyes, have said: “Michelle…” and right after my languid glance have became once again serious and i have nodded.
Shaking ourselves from what it would have waited us after, i have looked at you and throwing away all the air from the lungs, i have sighed:”Let’s go!”
And when you got up, i have take your hand and standing in front of you, i dive my glance into your, while your hands were tightening my body toward you, and in a sighed youhave asked: “Are you ready?”
I have smiled and i have beckoned.

It seemed passed a life since when you have entered in the stripteas club asking a mechanic, and now we were looking at each other planning a life together as detectives, and even if we would have not made it, we would have been happy. We have found us, like that, by chance.
I have looked at you for a latest time, and you have came closer to me, and your lips have caressed mine.
In silence we have sighed our names, and their sounds have resounded in our souls, making beating our hearts crazy.”


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