You was looking at me yet without speak, but after another shake of your head, you have smiled and in a dry blow you have pronnounced his name, and after you have waited my reaction. 

I have looked at you dazed, not surprised much, and after a couple of seconds, i looked at you straight into your eyes, and even if you knew that question that i was about to do, you have left me do it. 
You have answered: “Since i live here, i ever see him go out to «work», and i believe, that nobody have offered that one that you want offer him. I believe he would very happy! Now it’s up to us to find him.”

We have looked at us and we have smiled. 
My mind was already working on the next days, and in those following seconds, i was examing some names to give our agency.
When from behind the door of your aparment, i have heardt some noises, and i made noticed them to you, and only when the door handle have down itself, and after few seconds you have opened it, and leaned, on the threshold, with his crossed little paws, there was the tiny creature who was looking at you with a smile of who knew already everything, and without add nothing, he have said: “What do you think of D&L’ investigation?” and  he have entered.

Overwhelmed, you have closed the door and you have came to me, making the necessary introductions, and the tiny blackish creature came to me and without add nothing else that we already knew, he have said: “In my opinion D&L investagation collect the essence of which you want being, without else frills.”
I have looked at him with a smile i was thinking that he had right, and with a quick glance i have looked at you that without make you see from that tiny creature, have nodded.

That’s been an understood glance between that small creature and me, and when finally, i have said: “I have an offer for you Shifty”, hearing his name came out out from my mouth, i have could perceive something seemed like a jolting inside that small black creature , and his wandering eyes, now were straight into mine. 
I have smiled, and for a second, i have looked at you that have came closer to me, sitting on armrest with your hand on my arm. 

Shifty have could not know what i had i mind, and not even know that i didn’t know how to start that speech, but your hand that in those instants were tightening mine, have gave me the push to begin.
“Maybe you know what it have me happened. You would be  very perfect for the role i would give you. 
I barely noticed you here, only when you have wanted have being see you have made you see yourself. For the rest you are been a shadow in the dark.  For what i have in mind, you are perfect. Would you like work for us? You would be rewarded and you have would not the thought to wander in search of food.” 
When i  have said the latest sentence, Shifty have looked at you, knowing that you had said me  that he was became so good to hid himself, above all to search food. 

Sometimes you had invited him to eat with you, but he always had said no. I have could see his proud, and between me and me, i could undertand him perfectly. Looking at him straight into his eyes, i nodded. 
Shifty, knew well that his ability to being a shadow in the night was a good thing, and slowly he have explained that he had heard about my bad adventure, and he would went to see around, but then nobody would have believe him. 

“If you enjoy our D&L Investigation, you would could help many others creatures. Your ability is what i’m looking for. Eyes on  the city and nobody will know ever who have warned us, and we could prevent others barbaric acts like mine”
I knew that all those informations would have shocked Shifty, but i knew that that tiny creature, have could not go on in that way. His small eyes were looking at me  from top to bottom. His glance from funny ho it was, it have became, little by little serious, and i knew that he was taking in considerations all what i had said him, and only after he have stopped  look at each centimetre of my face, he have looked at you, and very slow, he have beckon. 
Smiling, you have looked at him, and with a thread of voice, you have said: “You will not regret!”

And sweetly you have looked at me and i have looked at Shifty who wass looking at us still surprised of what  i had asked, then he have melted himself, and hus funny face got back, and together we have drink a toast to the new D&L Investigation”.


Listen to it🔉⤵




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