It’s as soon

Passed a double number, and i have begin feel your closeness here around, here in this solitary room. 
I feel your arms around my belly and those electric shicks are crossing our minds, and everything is becoming lighter. 

My heart is beating like a crazy, and i’m sure that you are feel it, despite our distance. 
I’m thinking what have happened  last night,: it’s very strange, but then that instagram story after many hours, very strange. Maybe i have been the only one that have noticed it. Thinking  it, i throw away the air from the lungs. 

Maybe it’s another sign of Our Parallel World.
Today the blue tit have arrive, and he have knocked the window. I want think that everything i have  in mind, and you know it’s true.

I’m biting my lips, because i’m feeling the soft punch in the stomach growing always more, and i’m sure that you are feeling it too.
Our Parallel World is enveloping us inside his magic, and we leave it do, we know it’s the beautiful sensation that we can feel. 
Unison we throw away the air from the lungs.


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