When  you have closed the door, you have glimpsed outside, and already that tiny creature had turned the corner and you had as seen his big shadow that vanishing behind the corner.
Returning inside you was looking at me with a questioning face, but you have waited another few seconds to say me who was.

You have made me sit on the sofa, and with a funny face, you went in the kitchen to take something to drink.
When you got back, i was still looking at the door, and in my mind, you already was looking what i had in mind.
Sat next to me, you have gave me the drink, and in my eyes you have could read: “It would be perfect! So small and almost invisible!” But it wasn’t me to speak now.
Looking for to clear up the mind, i have focused myself on you, waiting  that you had speaking.

“When one day i took my car and i have decided that i had to leave from the city to which i no longer belonged to,  i have asked informations to a creature and that one have indicated me this bulding. As you have seen it’s in a no one land, and that was perfect. When i arrived, it seemed me that it was forsaken building, as much it was big, i have checked each floor, and there was nobody, but i was feel myself observed. Maybe it was my impression, i have thought. I have continued to check all those empty apartment, when i have been thunderstruck by this one, and i have decided to move me here.” 

Looking at you, i knew there was something else, and slowly even in your mind i have could see something that was digging deep, but even you till now, you wasn’t been to define. 
There was something in that apartment that it linked to you, and now that there i was too, that bond was became stronger.
You had not say it, but  i have could read it in your mind, and when i have perceived your emotions, i immediately, bite lips, but i have looked for to pretend nothing. It was impossible, but i have tried to focus on that small black creature, while our hearts have began to beat like two crazy.

For a long instant, we have remained in silence, even the toughts have stopped themselves, but the only things that haven’t stick off one from another have been our glances, and only when our hearts seemed splahed out from our chest, we have tight our hands, already one in another, and in a thread of voice you have have sighed my name.
As if we had run  for mile and mile, we have looked at each other, and we have throw away the air from the lungs and, as if i want don’t think about that strange fact, i have looked straight into your eyes, and holding back the breathe, i have asked you to continue to tell me about that strange and fun creature.

You was dazed, but have tried to shake away that sensation, and for a couple of seconds you have looked at me as if you had to collect again the thoughts and restart the speech from where our emotions have interrupted you.
“Ah, yes him. When i entered in the building, i have believe to have hallucinatuions. I was seeing just a tiny black shadow that seemed was going where i was go. When i have explored the floor, and there was nobody else, i have put my little bag inside here, and when i was about to close door with a chair, that tiny black creature have presented himself on the threshold and he have asked: «So you have decided to live here! What waste of concrete. All that just for two being like us. I have explolred all. We are you and me» he had said that that floor was the the only that had decent apartements, and that he had explored even this, but for him it was too  dispersive for a tiny creature like him, and when he have seen that another being was entering in that building, he have decide to follow him.” 

I have listened to everything with interesting, but when you have asked if i wanted know his name,you have said: “You don’t will not believe it…” , and you have smiled, taking my hand thinking again to the  previous emotions.
I have shyly smiled, and throwing away the air from the lungs, you have sweetly laughing saying his name, and right after my glance have became brighter. His name was perfect for what i would wanted offer him.”



Listen to it🔉⤵




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