In my mind what i wanted say it was easier than i could imagine, but when from my mouth it have came out a couple of mumbles, not even i have understand what i have tried say. 
I was looking at me around dazed yet, as much beautiful it was your aparment, and  still more for how  you was looking at me, knowing already what i  wanted say.

I was mumbling, while you was sit in front of  me on that small table, and delicately you have came closer your hands  at mine, and at end you have kept them tight, and when i have tried to add another mumble to the others, you have put your finger on my lips, and smiling you have simply nodded to that speech made of only mumbles, and delicately you came closer to me, sitting next to me on sofa, and looking at me deeply, you have started to planning a plan, for the next days.

Hearing your voice that was explaining my thoughts, was the most incredible thing that i have could listening to.
Little by little, i would been to move in that wonderful place that was your apartment, and little by little that mini apartment have would became our office.
After that bad adventure, i wanted transform that tiny apartment, in a place where the inhabitants could entrust their fears, and above all their suspicious about someone, on someone who had felt the same thing, and therefore opening  without have prying eyes, and asking help before to go the police.
In short open an investigation agency.

For a bit we have remained in silence, reflecting on that crazy idea, that thou crazy it wasn’t at all.
The city had only that police department, and knowing the inhabitants were cautious to go there, and without do it on porpouse, it have jumped us in mind that bad fact of that creature of the street with the werewolf, and before that somebody went to the police to report it, they were passed a couple of days. 

Looking at you straight into your eyes, i have whispered: “I don’t want that it happen again, above all after what i have passed. I want that the inhabitants can come to me … to us and explain their suspicious.
Certainly we have to have channel of comminucation with the police, but we can solve it alone, and if we can’t we can call Jim. What do you think?” 

You have looked at me, and after have throwing away the air from the lungs, you have take my hands in your and you have said: “That’s great” and you have continued to stared me in silence, but i have could read your thoughts as in an open book. 
You knew that what Michelle have said us, it had impressed me much, and in someways i wanted reciprocate their changing mind on me, now that they had seen that i was like them, and that i couldn’t prevent gestures like that one of the the werewolf, just reading the mind i wanted demonstrate to the all inhabitants that i wasn’t different from the others, and  on the contrary of who had put me in a corner, i could help them, and i could being a medium with the police. 

You was looking at me dazed shaking the head, thinking how much great i was, and i was smiling because in my mind everything what i have told you, was becoming a real thing, and without thinking much, i have asked you if i could call Michelle, saying her, that i would have pass the night with you. 

When you have said that you had not a phone, i have remained not much surprised, but that i could use the phone in the corridor outside the apartment, and accompanying me outside,  you have indicated me a phone box, and without that i had added nothing, you have said: “Don’t worry, we are in two to use it” and  so you have left me enter in that phone box. 
I only, had to to compose the number of the club and waiting that Cyclope answered.
After two rings the big voice of my friend have welcomed me to the striptease club and he have asked me how he could being help me, i have left him say his mandatory phrase, and immediately after i have said: “That’s me Cyclope…” 

Even if in background i had heardt the music, i have asked him if i could talk to Michelle, but it was unavoidable, that Cyclope have would say: “I’m sorry, she is on stage, rehearsals. What can i say her?”
Coughing for the embarass, i have said in low tone of voice: “Yes you can say her that…ehm.. i will pass the night in the Luke’s apartment….and i have good news. We will see you tomorrow, ok?”
From the voice of Cyclope, i have could perceive his grimace on his face, and blushing, i hanged the phone handset.

I have remained for a bit inside the phone box, then i have came out and in that corridor i have met the tiny creature that i had met in the hall. He have smiled me joyful, then he have remained a couple of second to squaring who had in front then with the same smile, he have left me foolish in the the middle of the corridor,. I have seen him go away, and after i have returned in front to the door of your apartment, i have knocked, you have have opened me. I was staring him yet, and indicating him, you have let me enter. 
You have smiled.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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