Very slow, we were reprising ourselves from that unexpected sex in elevator, and slow i was settling better on the backrest of the bed, looking at me around. 
I didn’t have see nothing yet of your aparment, and slow i was diving myself in your little world, and for what i have could see it was a comfortable place. 

I have could feel your eyes set on me, and they were seeing the same things that i wanted memorizing in my mind, and sometimes, you could see that i knew i had your glance set on me, because ocassionally i blushed very much. 
And staring only that bedroom, the only question that i was making myself  it was: “Why you want move yourself in my small aparment? Damn! I would could be me to ask you if i can move myself here!” and when i was thinking it, my glance have looked at you dazed. I knew that you had heardt me, and overwhelmed, you have looked at me with milion of answers in head that you didn’t know which to choose, but one above all have jumped in your mouth without thinking much.
“Maybe because i don’t want move you away from your friends. I have learnt to know them and they are so adorable. Michelle consider you her sister, and i think you do the same. For don’t talk about Cyclope: I have seen him when… He haven’t had any scruples: if he had  have the possibility, he would have jumped on him, and with his only fang, he would have bite till kill him. They are your family, they loves you.”

I have remained in silence to listen to you. Your reasoning had not any smear, and you was thinking above all to me. 
I was looking at you, and without realizing i have found myself biting my lips, and you knew that you have not wrong, but there was something in my glance that was changing my mind. 
I had glimpsed the aparment, when you had taken me there, but from what i had memorized, it was bigger than mine, enough bigger.

I have hold back the breath, for then throw away it from the lungs , and i have hid my thoughts to you who was looking at me curious to know what i was thinking.
Even in my head were running  thousand thoughts, and to the contrary  of you, i was looking for to compose a puzzle and pulling out from it a speech that could working.
You was staring me careful, but the only thing that you could perceive was the beating of my heart that was increasing, at each of your glance changing, set on me.

I wanted scour the rest of your apartment, and taking your hand, i have asked: “Guide me” and without say nothing else, you have understand that i wanted see the rest of your aparment.
When you have taken me between your arms, and immediately i have would wanted that that became an habit, even if i would had not seen the rest of your house, in those  few seconds, i have looked at you, and throwing away all the air from the lungs, i have uncovered my cards, and slowly i have let you enter in my mind.
When we went down those few stairs, i hoped that that journey to reach that big open space had no end. 
Staying in your arms,, and being surrounded by your perfume, it was the most assuring thing that i wanted feel, and looking at you, everything around was becoming more magical, and only when you have put me  on floor, i have softly touched your chest, and for an instant, i have forget why we have go down. 

You have looked at me, and when you have caressed my hip for then hold it tight, i have waken from that dream in which i was, and when you have sighed my name, my heart have literally exploded. 
I have remained fascinated by that great window that covered an entire wall and it illuminating the entire open space, that you had divided in three definied spaces: «the working space» where an old and big desk occupied a small space with a redbrick wall next to the big window, «a small living room», where it could see very well that it was you favourite place, and with its mess around, it was immediately became also mine. 
The kitchen was below the flight of stairs, but what it have impressed me much was that redbrick wall in frot of that sofa in which you have accompanied me to sit. Looking at it there was something that have made me have like a a sort of a dejavù. 
It seemed me to have been there, already once, but in those instants i didn’t remember nothing else, but that sensations have remained inside, and more i was looking at that black wooden forniture, more i was sure that it was there that i have would find my answers. But  in those instants, the one who had the power to distract me from my  menthal lucubrations it was you that with the sofest tone of voice, you have called me, and right after, i have smiled.

You have sit on that small table in front of the couch, and looking at me, you have asked what i had in mind, and even if you, already knew it, you wanted hear it coming out from my mouth. 
For a bit, that dreamy glance have vanished from my face, and i have started to talk.”


Listen to it🔉⤵




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