I was still looked the enormous building when you have came to open the car door, and giving me the hand, you have helped to go out from the car.
I had not say  nothingt yet, but i had a percetion, but i have kept it for me, or at least  till we have not enter inside.

That building, as much it was big, it had have to at least a doorman, but there was no nothing similar to reception, nothing, and only when you have accompanied me to the elevator, a tiny creature have saluted you, as if he knew you from long time, and he have benting himself infront of me, and you have presented me to him. Gently he have smiled and have said that it have would wait to take the elevator. Without explain nothing, he had understand very well who i was, and entering inside you have saluted him with a great: “Thank!”
I wanted know more, but maybe it wasn’t the time to  make question on a creature that i would have not even see again.

Entered in that elevator, it seem to enter in a ribcage, where our hearts have began  beat like two crazies, but it was what we wanted hear in those instants.
After you have pushed  one of the highest bottons of that metallic box, you have came closer to me and delicately you have made  put on the the wall, and slowly from your glance that have pierce my soul to your hands that have began mapping my body, you have started to kiss me so gently that i have believed to melt, and despite i have wear a pair of jeans, you have made me open the legs, and with force, you have me feel your finger that despite the hard fabric, it wanted enter inside me.

I have been to your game, and then delicately i have place myself on your body, and sweetly i have could hear  the first botton of my jeans open, the second one and at third one, all of a sudden, that hard fabric, have become softer, and when you have opened them more, you have made slided them to half  butt, and finally you have touched my hips and very slow you have slided half down my panties, and putting once again on the wall, you have slide your hand in the middle of my legs, and looking at deeply you have gently penetrated me. 

I have came closer to your lips and gently, i have started to bite your, and when your penetration have became deeper, my moans have filled the elevator.
“You can scream how much you want…. there is no one in this side of the building” you have said it, while your finger was entering in my guts, and my eyes have wide opened straight into your, and so i have could do what i wanted since you have unfastened my pants. 

I have lean to your body and with my both hand i have touched your waist, and arriving to those bottons i have started to open your pants, and with a dry blow have pulled out your desire and i have directed it straight among my legs, where those panties are slided down, and so you have put me again to the wall, and  you have entered inside me, and you have started to thrust yourself always more, till i hold your desire, and you have came closer to me, and you hand have unfastened my shirt, and when you have made slide down the sleeves over my arms, the elevator have opened, and just for those after seconds we have could appeared two thieves in that solitary corridor.

When we have entered in your apartment, you have take me among your arms and we went upstairs in a mezzanine, where there was only a bed, and when you have lean me on the matress you have take off me the pants, and throwing in the air your, you have came closer to me, and caressing between my legs, you have restarted from we have been interrupted, and delicately you have placed above me, and elarging my legs, you have sweetly smiled, but you roughly penetrated me, and when i have moan, you have thrust yourself always more, till your fingers have crossed mine, and we have tightened them strong till it have lasted one of our longest orgasm.

And when the esctasy was ending, you have looked at me, and with the sofest tone of voice you have said: “Welcome to my apartment”. 
I have stared you and delicately i have bited my lips, while you are came closer, and you have kissed me, and immediately after you have looked at yourself around, as if you was in that room for the very first time, and i have carressed your face.”


Listen to it🔉⤵



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