Staring that creature in fromt of us, i have remained speechless, and that tiny tear along that short journey have dried and only who have noticed of my real emotion it have been you, who have sighed my name taking my hand.
I have  dry the rest of that tear, and i have looked at him smiling at him, then i have immediately looked at you and you have shy smiling trying to got back to the normality, but you knew that thse gestures were even the most touching, and for me were the most important, above all after what i had passed.

I have looked at him for a last time, and i wanted take his strange hand in sign of grateful, and his latest words have touched me once again: “Whatever you wish i will be here to serve you”, and so he left the club. 
Everybody had seen the scene, and when the door have been closed, Michelle got up from her stool and she have come back to us, and with her sof voice have said: “The news have turned all the city, and despite their previous behaviour, were in worry for you, and when they have know that you was in safe, one by one, have came  here and they have asked about you, but above all him” when Michelle have indicated the door, i have remained breathless. 

He not even didn’t knew me, but in someway he was feel himself guilt for what it have happened to me. 
“The large majority of inhabitants were. Don’t ask me why, but in these days, many of them have came to ask how was you doing, but he have been the only one came to see you in person” have concluded Michelle looking at you, then Cyclope who have immediately nodded.
I have stared once again the main entrance, hoping to glimpsing that strange creature outside.

You was breathless as me, and you have could hear my heart almost splashing out from my chest, and after a couple of minutes, you have stared the keys on the tables, and with a soft tone of voice, you have asked: ” Are you ready to go?”
I was still reasoning on the changing mind of those creatures, but the soft touch of your hand, have  made me back to the reality of those seconds, and your sweet smile, have made me forget on what i was thinking, and leaving take my hand from your, i have said: “Yes” and you have helped me to stand up.
We have saluted Michelle and Cyclope, who were got back where we had left them, and they have looked at us leaving the club, as if nothing have happened.

The car was parked on the sidewalk infront of the small wooden door. 
You have remained dazed because, the car you was looking at, it was your, but seemed a new car, and when you have let me enter, you have noticed all the small particles that all the dust of months had covered it were gone.
You entered by your side, and caressing the steering wheel, i have sweetly smiled, and waiting for that you turn toward me, you have said: “He have done a fantastic job” while you was still caressing the steering wheel. 

Right after, you have looked at me and then a smile have illuminated your face, and you have turned on the engine, and looking at me, you have said: “Ready?”
I was excited more than you, even because it was the first journey outside that county, and without say a words, i have looked at you  and while you was turning the car toward the right side of the street, i have seen Michelle and Cyclope who were coming out from the club and with the glance have followed the car. 

For a long instant you have don’t say nothing, but then delicately you have hold my hand and your fingers have crossed mine. You have throw a glance toward me, and tightening my hand, you have tranquilized me saying: “It’s not far” and you have stared me for a second, then you have returned to look the street straight in front of you.

When  the sun have become an orange big ball in front of us, our glance have met for a couple of seconds, and you have sighed: “We are almost arrived”, and you have indicated a big silhouette of a big brownish building at my right, and sighing, you have said: “Here it is” and you have delicately tightened my hand.
Now the most excited it was you.

You have stopped the car below that ernomous building, and from the car window i have looked at it, and you have came closer to me, indicating one of the highest floor of the building.  I have remain to looked the floor, then i have stared at you and i have throw away the air from the lungs.”


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